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RE: Smartsteem Update 18th September '19

in #smartsteem2 years ago

assuming you actually wanna make money , not just play mister impressive like some here, i just left a few 100 delegation in place to see what the smartpoints are about ... assuming i wanna make money ... and not play mister impressive-the-lord-of-content with the holy grail (not implying you in particular, for all i see you're just trying to salvage what's left after Apocalypse 21 but you can't afford to speak against the emperor's decree on propaganda)

that's what im seeing, but i have been seeing things before (never heard voice though...)
eagerly await :)



This never ending circle to reward the best "quality" will likely never work as it and always be subjective, which means there is no right or wrong, it's in the eye of the voter. If instead they spent all their and energy getting the price of steem to go up and create demand for SP, a lot of the current problems would take care of themselves. My 2 cents.