The Smart But Lazy Man (19)

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He would have fee milk to drink. Every morning, he would milk the cow and put some milk in a black pot and put it on fire to heat, he would place it for his cat.
Whenever the cat came to drink the milk, it got its mouth burnt and would run away.

His cat grew hungry and thin while other's cat grew big and healthy yet the rats continued to plague the people but then, there was no rat in Dene's house mainly because there was no much food in his house and the cat was very hungry as it could not take the hot milk.

One day, Shimbe was walking past Dene's house when she saw his cat. She was surprised that the cat was very thin and starving, she shook her head.

The man was certainly a faud, he had fooled the kingdom into buying cows so he could feed himself with milk since he was a lazy man. She decided to repot to the king.


Great story my friend