Steemit Music League Challenge S2 : R5 /// Riggsyfort - F.G Pacer

in #smlchallenge4 years ago

My submission for round 5 of #smlchallenge of feel good music. My take on this week's challenge comes from the breakthroughs of thought and reflection in life and realizing what a blessing it all is. From the highs to the lows and ebbs and flows, it's one beautiful journey. Peace.


Way Dope!! this totally had me in that feel good music spot!!!

Thanks my man, glad it hit that spot for you! This one does that for me as well.

Ayyyy get ittttttttt.

Love this warm and uplifting beat so dope man.

So awesome how you bring that sound in at 1:08 takes us to that next level.

Appreciate you sharing vibration raising beat with the community. It had me smiling :)

God bless

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@riggsyfort where you been? 23 days since you last posted! lol.

Wanted to make sure you got the invite to the upcoming meetup. Would be cool to see you there!