POCKET - Token to SMT Transition Mastermind Post

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The purpose of this post is to start a discussion. The topic of discussion is this:


I want the Pocket (and broader Steemit ecosystem) community come together to brainstorm/mastermind the potential uses for Pocket. It has been said to be a "sh!tcoin", and indeed it has potential to be that, unless there is a strong voice for experienced (and aspiring) developers to work on.

There have been several posts and discussions about what Pocket Tokens will be when they grow up. Here are a few for you to review:




So in the comments below, please comment using the following structure:

#1 - I think that Pocket should be used for....

#2 - The hardest thing to explain to my friends about Pocket is....

*#3 - If Pocket reflected the changes I proposed above, I think that it would help the perception of *Steemit/blockchain/crypto by.....

#4 - OPTIONAL - My favorite beverage is....


Hey Jack - good article mate

Thanks for kicking off the discussion

In your piece, you note you use pockets a lot?

Can you elaborate?

I use them as "gift tokens" for Coment funruns, have and am using them in a raffle and have used them as donations for other peoples contests.

i.e. https://steemit.com/contest/@jackmiller/win-win-win-every-relevant-comment-gets-50-pocket-tokens

Others have used them to pay for graphic designs, logos etc,
there is a "bookie" type of profile doing all the sports betting stuff with Pocket Tokens and so on.

They are being utilized.

The weekly reports by @pocket-pi go into all the details as far as stats and figures go.

#1 - I think that Pocket should be used for whatever you can think of. I'm thinking of using them as prizes for my weekly contests.

#2 - The hardest thing to explain to my friends about Pocket is what they are and where they are stored.

*#3 - If Pocket reflected the changes I proposed above, I think that it would help the perception of *Steemit/blockchain/crypto by giving them value as something to collect.

#4 - OPTIONAL - My favorite beverage is lemon water.

I wouldn't call it a "transition", but rather an opportunity to create more awareness and add value, to create more common wealth for all of us Pocket Token owners and everyone else who is interested in getting in on this opportunity that is opening up with the new SMTs.

Our current Pocket Tokens are excellent and are being used by some of us who own them. Many are just sitting on them and waiting for them to gain value.

By issuing an SMT that rewards Pocket Token owners, this would definitely increase the awareness and demand for our current Pocket Tokens and hopefully get the "sleepers" who are just sitting on them into action!

Selling, buying and using Bitshares as a trading platform.

#1 - I think that Pocket should be used for....tipping/voting at will. It is so easy to send amounts back and forth, that a user with plenty can indicate their admiration of another publicly. It is, in this way, not entirely dissimilar from STEEM, except that the tipping is public and in a comment. That is what I currently use it for, and see it most used for. I think that this alone has value. Since the confirmation bots will, by design, eventually have all the POCKET, though, I think it is in their best interests to make sure they redistribute their collections regularly to ensure a healthy economy of flowing value.

#2 - The hardest thing to explain to my friends about Pocket is.... why it matters. What makes it different from any other crypto. The answer is: not much except that it's fun and easier to use than a currency that requires so many more input passwords to access.

*#3 - If Pocket reflected the changes I proposed above, I think that it would help the perception of *Steemit/blockchain/crypto by.....
Oh, I didn't really propose any changes, but I do think if we saw POCKET being used more generously, people would get that warm fuzzy feeling that they get from praise. On Steemit, since positivity is often employed by spammers to entice you or just to interact meaninglessly, words become empty. Putting any amount of value on them, makes them so much more meaningful, because a spammer simply can't afford to do that. (Until they get more sophisticated)

#4 - OPTIONAL - My favorite beverage is....
Green milk tea with boba

I have Bitcoin but I have not used Pocket. I am new to this and am still thinking about it. Thanks for introducing it to me.

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