Not at all. Ethereum is a general purpose protocol; a decentralized computer. Steem is more like a GPU or ASIC miner; it's designed to power web applications with powerful tokens than can be created without having to write a line of code. We're not saying that's better or worse than what Ethereum is doing, but it is very different. Ethereum lets developers experiment with smart contracts, which is great. We look at what smart contracts and features produce the most value on general purpose protocols like Ethereum, and then add those features to Steem. This enables Steem to be fast, efficient, and easy to use for developers and users alike.

Good use of analogy....

In other words, Steem is the place for the average Joe who is interested in Blockchain but not familiar with coding and the technical details needed to get started.

Probably market it like this, "The place where the average Joe who is interested in Blockchain base application can tokenize his business or project".

While we at it, we need to deal with liquidity and see some recovery with the token and merit of the system would pay off. But if that isn't address, that's gonna turn off people. Remember you are competing with 12 top100 project offering the same product, try to hit all areas and get ahead of the crowd

Nothing can kill Ethereum.
Nothing can compete with the Ethereum Defi niche and no one is trying to.

You can bet your ass Ethereum can't be killed. Serenity's DeFi movement is gonna be all up in the bankers' "business"