There is a creation fee in SBD.

perfect and in SBD is also smart :)

What is that fee? And I assume that fee is burned?

The fee is burned. I think it’s 10 SBD, but that number is easy to change any time prior to the HardFork. That number is mostly a placeholder.

The white paper says 1 SBD.

"SMT creation fee
Issuing a smt_create_operation requires payment of smt_creation_fee. The amount required is set by the smt_creation_fee field of dynamic_global_properties_object. This field may contain a value in STEEM or SBD. If specified in SBD, an equivalent amount of STEEM will be accepted, at the current price feed.
Initially, smt_creation_fee will be set to 1 SBD, and no means will be provided to update it. Updates to the smt_creation_fee amount may occur in future hard- forks, however, so user-agents should read the smt_creation_fee value from the dynamic_global_properties_object. User-agents should not assume the fee will always be 1 SBD and they should be prepared to charge a separate fee paid to the user-agent if the aim of the interface is to enable only a curated set of tokens.
The fee is destroyed by sending it to STEEM_NULL_ACCOUNT."

Please make it $100 or 1000 steem. We really need this to get steem back in the top 50 so people take us seriously again.

Awesome! Glad to hear on all fronts, especially that the 10 SBD is a placeholder. I don’t know what the amount should be but I would love to hear open arguments for higher. Thanks for your response.

That's great idea, and cost is not prohibited to aspiring entrepreneurs.
Getting closer to reality.

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