Answers: steemit development and ICOs w/SMTs [VIDEO]

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Hey guys,

After doing some filming last week I decided to do some more this week - I flew in last night to NYC and met @andrarchy at his apartment where we put together this hot take on and ICOs with SMTs. Leave your feedback below.


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what i wanted to say, hence upvoted. Thanks for the insights, i really like the videos it makes it personal. Consider adding DTube as an embed to Steem (whitelisting it @heimindanger :D) and post em on Dtube :P

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Nothing to say it's just like.......

First I would say I love these updates very happy to here them anD Good work

Few thing
I hope will become number 1 in the world but they have to update their site and build an application Asap.

Bitcoincash is the only cryptocurrency that matters.

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SMT is the future of interactions in the web. Thanks a lot Chief.


Good answers. I'm really looking forward to start SMT.

Could you change your avatar? IMO, it is really not cool to use distorted photo of one of Co-founder of Steem to grab others people attention.

Approach with video communication with community is greate! I hope it will continue!

I like the back and forth. Keep it coming.

Many people are working to launch their business using SMTs. When will we be able to have an ETA for the launch date? Uncertainty stunt development.

If I am not wrong, in early 2018 (my guess is that in January 1st). I can't remember who said that but it was someone close to the developers.

Early 2018 is okay for now but I have a business to run and would like to have a more specific ETA or a date at which the specific ETA will be announced.

Greately, Nice to meet everyone in here

What's up @ned, thanks for the update BOSSMAN! I'm looking forward to the future of Steem!

Keep On STACKIN People!

I really don't think that they should be focusing on making too many updates or improvements to Right now the whole Steem ecosystem is far too dependent on as the only front-end as was evident from the recent DDOS events.

The idea behind the Steem platform is that any number of different front-end sites can be created on top of it. I think the SteemIt, Inc team should be focusing on creating tools, frameworks, etc to make it as easy as possible for others to create their own front ends to the Steem blockchain such as and

When SMTs come out I think it would be great to not only have an easy way to create your own tokens, but also to have an easy way to launch your own front-end site using those tokens. If you create your own site on top of Steem then you can fix all of the "issues" you may see with however you see fit. Then if others also like your changes they can switch to using your site.

This is where I think the real future of the Steem platform is - a whole series of different sites / communities etc built on top of the Steem blockchain, using their own tokens and fading into the background.

I agree to some extent but I don't want the main site to fade into the background. This site really has many issues but it is run by the core developers of steem blockchain. It is like the of Bitcoin. I think it needs to make a good impression and stay updated with new features.

Cent percent agreed

When SMTs come out I think it would be great to not only have an easy way to create your own tokens, but also to have an easy way to launch your own front-end site using those tokens. If you create your own site on top of Steem then you can fix all of the "issues" you may see with however you see fit. Then if others also like your changes they can switch to using your site.

This is where I think the real future of the Steem platform is - a whole series of different sites / communities etc built on top of the Steem blockchain, using their own tokens

This! Kind of like a Ning network built on the Steem blockchain.

@ned - keep the videos coming


And I wish they'd fix the exchange issue - wallets are down on Poliniex, HitBTC and shapeshift.

All the exciting plans in the world will come to nothing if people can't buy coins on the exchanges and withdraw them because the wallets are down.

i agreed with you nice instructions

love your icon, yabapmatt - baby is adorable!

Thanks! He's a few years older now, but still adorable :-)

Great heads-up on the development end of things, many are wondering and, of course as we all can see (& desire) extra goodness coming our way, I fully trust in your management. In relation to the ICOs, I think you have done a great job in underlining the essentials, especially the legal aspect of it.

This process of inclusion and participation with Q&A over video is very popular, quick and I really appreciate the feedbacks you have shared with us all. Thank you @ned!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

@eric-boucher, he's everywhere!

It must be all this meditation that renders my being more and more omnipresent... ;)

Namaste :)

for a while now :) since the beginning

hahahah someone is actually making the steem collectible card game :D my great ideas getting implemented, I saw a spam card the other day :D

sweet rock on.. thank you for clarifications

Oh, I see what's happening here,
@ned is dodging the important questions!


That is the best comment I have ever seen... Ever!

Thanks man :)

That's really funny... kind of

That's funny...

Amazing video. You are doing a very good job. Thank you.

Great video! Concise and right on point. These videos are really helpful for the community. Very excited about all the development going on.

@dan-atstarlite, ditto, even for a newbie minnow like myself, I am very excited for the future of Steemit and the technology and smart people behind it, Great job team, keep up the good work. Thanks for all the updates @ned Cheer$:)


Here's a transcript of the video, especially for those of you who can't wait to know what Ned said, but prefer to read it, instead of viewing it on YouTube:

As for my personal answer to the last part of the video, what I think about video as medium, well, it's great! Nothing conveys the message better, I think.

But, sometimes, you're in the middle of something when you just can't watch a video (like being inside a crowded bar when the Netherlands' soccer team plays a game, which happened to me just this evening). At these moments you really want to know what was said in the video, without having to open it. Also, for people without a great internet connection, who are tuned in to Steemit via their mobile with limited bandwidth this could also apply:

Posting the video with a transcript below it would be nice.

Cool, doing transcripts as well so nice to see!

Mine are almost fully automated, I'd be interested on how you do it.


But boy, he talks fast!

It's a very short video though, so no problem there, but I hope he'll include these in new editions of this back and forth communication :)

Oh did you know you can copy paste it from YouTube? Open Transcript if it is available. Or use but then you have to get rid of the html tags. sed 's/<(^<)>//g' will do IIRC or check

But, sometimes, you're in the middle of something

Or maybe you just don't want to let Youtube know you watched that video.

Your work is great, I hope this program will run smoothly. The target must reach for the future happiness of Steemit.
Everyone will be happy with your efforts.

barvon you are right.Everyone will be happy with his efforts.great job .

Personally this is the best direction for steemit.
Keep us informed and focus on what is ahead.
A weekly video is great and it shows steemit is moving forward.
Thank you for keep it up.
I saw the change in the site. Keep them coming.

I agree completely. This helps to negate a lot of the negativity that floats around this place regarding the challenges that we are experiencing. It is a software platform still in its beta stage. I am sure the developers have a lot more great stuff they are working on.

I like that in this video Ned looks like a simple man. He doesn't boast about his accomplisments, only share news.

Sorry, I don't understand - where steemit going now? ICO and steemit - steemit will help people launch their tokens?

Thanx for the videos, Ned (both of them). SMTs sound very promising and we look forward to learning more about them.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing you in Lisbon soon! I love, love, love Steemit!

(Oh, and don't stand in front of a window when shooting a video!) 😁

Great suggestion ;)

Thank you for confirming that development on and the blockchain STEEM continues and remains priority. With that being said I am also looking forward on the development of SMT and share the belief that it will be a benefit for the overall STEEM blockchain ecosystem.

I like the response via video and would love to see it continue that way.

Thanks for updates on developments (23 developers working on backends) and SMT/ICO. Indeed steem has a bright future ahead.

Once a week video is a great idea!! or twice : ). Please make it happen!!

Great informative video! Thanks @ned & @andrarchy! Super excited about all this! Can it be 2018 already?!? Oh wait... then I would have missed SteemFest! See you there!

Yes, this information this is very useful for me and steemian users worldwide friend

It's my first time to see u in the video. Wow Steemit has many developers! I'm addicted wd Steemit now and by the way you look cute. 😍😍😍

I can't wait for this adaption and upgrade to the Steem platform and the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

One hell of a forking when it finally hits the ground running. Thanks for keeping on!

Am enjoying the medium and the back and forth, engaging with your audience is very important. Also enjoying the multiple viewpoints. Helpful in getting further understanding of what's going on.

Much love, @Sammosk

It's great to see that you came back a week after and gave some explanations on the most recurring questions asked last time!
Thanks so much for that!
I am wondering if it is possible to organize a webinar where everyone can ask you questions and you just give your reply live and direct. This would just be great i think.
Let me know what you think.

A webinar is a great idea although I would imagine the sign up list would be huge. It would have to be a 6 hour one.

Direct responses addressing questions is very helpful. Members of the community often miss something that is sensational out of the fact they dont know. Having @ned mention some of the things people are bringing up and providing answers really helps.

Even it will be a 6 hours one, people can come and join in anytime and ask their questions. @ned will just be answering live and direct.
And a webinar like this will just be amazing and bring more exposure to the platform!

Yes and one that will be passed around I am sure.....people will start posting it on twitter and facebook.

It would be great to get more specifics on what the dev team for the steemit front-end are going to be doing in the next 6-12 months. Is there an up-to-date roadmap?

Thank you @ned for keeping in touch with the community. This back and forth question and answer method is fantastic.

Thank you for coming with such bright ideas to help humanity.

God bless you!!!!

Great video :)

Awesome! Thank you for talking about steemit inc and your team and what you are doing.

I think it is always important to know what u are doing and communicating to build trust.

Yes. It is easy to fall into the mindset that some on here post about regarding steem and how this is a dead platform and will never survive. Obviously @ned is biased but he also has the 411 on what is going on behind the scenes. When you have a team like he does, there are so many possibilities and I am excited to see what comes out of this.

Steem will be huge.

It would really be helpful to have these videos done on a regular basis answering the questions that the community has.

Even if it is via a twitter feed or something like that, it would help.

Communication is key and helps alleviate a great deal of fears.

Is the bash my frienda, good job and good post @ned

Nice hair @ned :-)

This is so awesome!

Getting the CEO to explain straightforward how things are developing and going is so valuable.

Having an active core team that is moving forward and working organized for the future of Steem gives the platform lots of credibility and seriousness.

Thanks a lot @ned for the heads up!

A refreshing occurrence as compared to the rhetoric you typically hear out of CEOs.

Straightforward and to the point....gets me even more excited about Steem.

It is a great idea. You must have had great filming.

I think the SteemIt, Inc team should be focusing on creating tools, frameworks, styling and change hosting! Then if others also like your changes they can switch to using your site.

SMT Will rise soon as possible...Witnesses what are you waiting for?

Thanks @ned - really appreciate the post, and the timing was perfect.

Personally, after researching a whole bunch of crypto projects, I plonked for Steem because I can see its massive potential. As a result, I've now invested a huge amount of my time and money into the Steem project (which I don't have a lot of at this stage - but I'm working on that, and hopefully you guys will be helping me soon to address that particular issue :-)).

The Steemit platform is a central pivot for our website, and it is really appreciated and highly reassuring to hear that Steemit development hasn't taken a back seat. And reassuring also to hear about the Steem blockchain team expansion. Onwards and upwards! Thanks...!

When dealing with currency (fiat or crypto), always get an accountant and a lawyer.

Why do they get paid so much ... because when the sh!t hits the fan, they are worth it.

Nice one @ned, see you in a few weeks :D

Although not directly related to the ICO side of things, I produced an example use case for SMT today, i hope it helps someone.

Yes i see the future getting more clear, keep on the good work. Steemit i can say is not stagnant but a moving train to a particular destination

The video are looking better and I think you're a great public speaker.

One thing I think would gain from being improved on is the whole look of the video, in particular the background and the sound.

We all know brands need to take special attention to their look and this I feel will come a lot from how the Steemit video look.

I feel like the camera is doing the job but the background could obviously be better without require much work. Even a brick wall would have been better.

Lighting is okay I think.

The sound could have been better. There's an audible noise through out the video. Sound processing to remove noise below a certain level could have been great.

It might seem like these are details but I feel like they are important ones and pretty easy to fix. Also once they're fix it easy to continuing apply those fix.

Simple suggestions whether you guys implement those or not.

Can this comment be in top ? hehe

this information can help us. thank you @ned

Thanks a lot for clearing these things up! Valueble to us to get direct responses from you. I'm starting to catch up with the basics of Steem and Steemit and like the idea of SMT's but I've got some questions for @ned and everyone ells:

Do you think some already established platform, with a larger following, that implements an SMT could overshine Steemit to some extent? Might people see less value here?

Do you hope so, because that would still stengthen Steem? And perhaps lead to other better social media?

Could Facebook create their own SMT, and power some just not too meaningless function for it to still steal crowds from Steemit or similar platforms? While still not being any more decentralized?

Hey I left a reply here soon after this was posted but I'm scared it didn't get much attention..

In a desperate attempt to highlight my questions I made a rap about them a couple of days ago for the rap challenge and made a separate post for that. Just now I realized that I should post it here as well as it's a direct response to this video and the discussions SMTs have created:

Steem rap with lyrics - "Future of SMTs?"

If you get plenty of feedback on different ideas for improving Steemit, adding to it whether it be tools or other features, or have ideas yourself you would like Steemians to have their say on, what about some form of yes/no poll with a section for comments we could add to it?

That would allow people to physically read the up and coming and allow the input into the matter to help you know how many want certain things/think they are a good idea and so forth.

Thanks for keeping us updated mate, hope to hear more soon!

That's a great idea for an app that a 3rd party developer should build on Steem. That's the beauty of creating a protocol like Steem, every feature you want is an opportunity to create a business.

Community Liaison, Steemit

Thank you, I agree that an app for this would be a great addition.


Thanks @ned for not going into the Hollywood for you have the looks of an actor...but instead developing such helpful platforms thereby creating a livelihood for many around the're not selfish man...God bless!

And I barely made it thru high school algebra, lol. You guys are brillant!!

Why need upgrade?is this development good for the users?

Thanks for sharing info like this @ned! Love the personal touch. I'm new here, and already hooked. Such a cool community. You guys are awesome. Thanks for having me.

Fantastic work guys
please keep working for upgrading
because today's life want continuous improvements
Moreover, i and my steemit friends want to this currency and platform number 1 in the world.
we always with you guys
upvoted and resteem

Great !!! Let's keep going to the top! @ned

If I get 10,000 upvotes I'll post a video doing whatever the highest upvoted comment tells me to do!

@ned please make a good steemit apps

I'm sorry guys , I'm commenting on something outside the posted article.
I'm just surprised they declined the author's payout and they are still paying the commenters 😱 wow..

When the author declines payout on their post, it does not affect the payout of any of the commenters.

Thanks for keeping us minnows in the loop. I'll be steeming along and waiting on the #SMT release coming soon.

Hey @ned, thanks for sharing some insights to the Steemit process behind closed doors. This new concept is ideal for improving the dialogue between Steemit inc. and the Steemians. Keep it up!

Supported by resteem. I believe in the project and developer. There will be loads of hardships maybe (we can't count previous ones which were overcome successfully), and I'm ready to go through them with Steemians together!

Very good video thank you so much for sharing I love Steemit 😍👌 xxxxx

I don't yet fully understand all the content, but in terms of immediacy and transparency, video is my preferred comms choice.

I love the back and forth questions and video answers. If we could have you join the MSP-Waves radio show with one of our DJ's to talk more that would be even better.

thanks informat

Thx @ned, can't wait till 2018.. I am super curious how 2018 will move forward. keep steeming... I am a witness who want to adept asap when we have new possibilities... Thank you

I am steemit new-bie. Yout post is very intersting

Good information bos @ned.
I @syehwan.

Definitely exciting times and makes me glad I got in early on the platform simply due to the potential in it's direction. Loving the weekly video update as well. All together good stuff to resteem.

really usefull video post thank you @ned

I like the question and and answer video's. As an investor in Steemit, I believe in Steemit and I haven't cashed out my earnings. I feel assured Steemit.Inc is growing and so will my account. Also with new applications, business and SMT, my art will get more exposure, everyone will benefit no matter how big or small their investment is with the Steemit social platform.

nice . followback :D @ned

Nice post..

Wow....Thank you to the steemit development team for coming up with this platform and the continuous work to develop a better steem blockchain and steemit environment. Shout out to all developers who are currently working on open source tools for the growth of the steemit community. Nice one @ned @andrarchy keep steeming on full steam, you guys are the best

Couldn't see the video yet and I ll do it later. But if @andrarchy has a BBQ next time call me @ned and I'll be in charge of Steaks! :) Hope you have enjoyed meeting man!

great video

hats off to you n to your effort.Carry on the future will b great

I'm new here can anyone tell me why Dan left for EOS?

You are a true steemian!

Nice share !!!
Lest make more Money!!

Can't wait to see how it all folds out!!

Excellent video sir @ned you are doing superb.
I have only 3 Questions regarding steemit :
Q1: When steemit will Replaced Beta version ?
Q2: Why D Tube is not working properly ?
Q3: Why Steemit going down many times ?

I want solutions because we Love Steemit Community !
Just join

Dtube is a 3rd party application. It is built on the Steem blockchain just like but it has nothing to do with Steemit other than it leverages the Steem blockchain protocol. Think of as facebook and Dtube as YouTube. Both facebook and YouTube are built on the internet protocol just as steemit and DTube are built on the Steem blockchain protocol, but they are built by different companies.

Unfortunately someone has launched DDoS attacks against which has caused the site to go down a couple of times lately. These attacks create no long term harm and have zero impact on the Steem blockchain. Since the attacks we have instituted measures that will mitigate the effect of such attacks in the future and will continue to improve these measures even more to guarantee that is always accessible. But always remember that there are other platforms like chainbb and where you can access all the same information as you do on, so even if Steemit is down you can still consume the very same content. We have no announcements regarding removal of the term beta, but I think it's fair to say that we won't remove the "beta" designation until the Team feels the time is right. Right now I think all of us feel that there are far more important matters to take care of.

Thanks for the questions! Steem on!

Community Liaison, Steemit

@andrarchy Bundle of thanks for detailed answers.
Steem On

Follow+vote me

Thanks for carrying fellow Steemians along👍👍

Great work .Everyone will be happy with your efforts .

illuminati confirmed

I hoping and positive on its effect to all steemians
locking eyesight to this issue since the start!

I'm glad that I made decision to use's the best social network platform right now and hope it grows even bigger. @ned

What about recent huge DDOS attacks and steemd failing again and again.

Thank you friend for information.

Congratulations, you are indeed a talent that is so great, able to acquire the time with the right and optimal, be careful, keep good health for the business and network you have labored to build will continue to grow and provide maximum benefits for the future of the world in the future.
So much thanks for your dedication.

This is awesome! I'm very to excited to see the possibilities of this Steem community. It's so catchy... Steem it baby.

Nice post ..thanks for sharing with us....