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RE: Initial Coin Offerings with SMTs

in #smt2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for this exciting update :)

Just curious but "potentially" how will SMTs affect the price of Steem ?? Make it more in demand so price goes up ? Or no ??

Thank you


It's a complex system, so there's no way of predicting that. We focus on adding value to the Steem blockchain and designing systems which ensure that the more value developers and users get from the platform, the more STEEM they must power up. One of the benefits of the SMT protocol is that it provides another reason to acquire STEEM and that is to participate in ICOs.

The price will not dramatically change, we mint more Steem to spend and less to Steem Power up.
More supply, less demand therefore less value. Basic economic principles, of course we all want Steem to go back up.