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RE: Initial Coin Offerings with SMTs

in #smt2 years ago

Its a good step to get more steem adoption but hard to conceive a successful project will happen on it.Infact its not happening anywhere!!!


Hi there buddy, I'm not sure you fully understand how SMTs can work for growing in value. If you check out Reddit, you might find that while some subreddits are of very little value other subreddits are of major value due to their massive traffic.

You might think it is weird that a subreddit could grow to be of high value but they do grow to be of considerable value. The idea behind SMTs + communities is that you will be able to form something kind of like a subreddit, only on a decentralized platform. So, all the staked members of your SMT grow the value of their tokens together by growing the value of that SMT's community. It is also important to provide a consumable or burnable use case for the token within that community, but there are many ways to do that.

Lets circle back on this after 2 years