Steemit SMT Shirts delivered Today/ Ned at San Francisco to talk about SMT the 16th!

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Our SMT T-shirts from the SteemitShop

We also got one for Camilla, Our Red Doberman


It is safe to say she supports Steemit 100%

Original Post about buying the shirts 4 days ago!

Show the world your excitement for Smart Media Tokens (SMTs)

I just placed an order of 2 of these, I do wish there was a more variety of colors though.

I will show it off once received. You want to buy steem and steemit merch go straight to the site below.

This is in response to @ned's newset post you can find it Here Regarding SMT


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Very nice. Might have to go get me some of those!

Really cool t-shirts 😆

Very nice shirts! I love the whole family excited together. Even your dog :)

I wanted to buy a hat and a mug but shipping is too expensive... :(

Haha its great that you bought the dog a shirt. Yeah its a shame they dont at least have