Mayonnaise, battle for Survival! 🐌

in #snailclan3 years ago (edited)


Today I was supposed to write DIY greenhouse article, but something more urgent came up.


Me and Mrs. Snail were discussing mayonnaise like always and she said:

Let's fight for a world without mayo.

That to me is an open War declaration, for Snails like me, who do enjoy the taste of rich and flavorful mayonnaise. Not like those who believe it to be Jar filled with squeezed pimples. Where do you stand in this battle for mayonnaise's existence?


Here's a short video of how to make it:

Mrs. Snail says: How is this even legal?

Do you as well believe it should be outlawed like heroin or will you join me in fighting against this tyranny and survival of mayonnaise?

Let me know in the comments bellow, does your Mr. or Mrs. agree with your hatred or love for mayonnaise?

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