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When I signed up to Snax a few weeks ago, there was a bit of a problem with my wallet access so I had to sign up again. It took this time though so that is pretty cool. @svemirac from @crowdmind (one of the block producers and a Steem community witness which hasn't missed a block in 7 months) helped me out a lot to get it up and running, but also asked if I would be interested in distributing some Snax for them.

Hell yeah, sure.

So, this is what I did last night.

@markkujantunen, @raj808, @m31, @organduo and @newageinv all got a 100 Snax each sent to their Steem accounts.

You don't have to be on Snax to receive them, but to claim them you will have to sign up and create a wallet through https://snax.one/ and to earn them create an account and bind Steem or Twitter to it.

The idea of the token at this point is to be a tokenized layer that can be spread across non-tokenized platforms like twitter and reward users based on their engagement. I have now only been technically signed up a couple of days so I am not sure how the scoring rounds work but, I find the process interesting and one I have spoken about before. I think that having tokenized "skins" is potentially an easy way to tokenize without even needing the platform in question to agree. Pretty funny.

Getting of Snax from me

(oh, this doesn't benefit me at all afaik)
The plan is that over the next 30 days from yesterday, I am going to be selecting 5 people who comment on my posts to get 100 Snax each. The comments I will send to are unlikely to be the "nice post" kind of ones, but I don't care much otherwise as I generally get good comments. Some will go to friends, some will go to people who already have Snax accounts, some will hopefully go to some who don't. The idea is just to spread a few more of these things around and see where it all leads one day.

This means that in total, there will be 15,000 Snax going out from my account over about a month and hopefully people will get on board and have a little fun learning about one of the new use cases for tokenization. Remember that if you are active on Twitter, you are able to bind that account also and earn from both points.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Are Snax worth something?

A: No idea.

Q: Will Snax be worth something one day so I can Lambo?

A: No idea.

Q: What are the technical specifications of Snax?

A: No idea.

Q: Will Taraz choose me?

A: Are you pretty?

So, there you have it. Over the course of the next 29 days, I will be distributing 5x 100 Snax a day to people I think are awesome. I have no other conditions on this and I hope that one day Steem becomes the home of tokenization and crypto innovation and conversation.

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Thanks for SNAX tokens! This is a nice surprise... Enjoy 100 ORGANDUO tokens from me!

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Here is a !BEER as well for you.

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Thanks! This is nice!

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!BEER to that mate!

Thank you!

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:) This will be a bit of fun to do I think and thanks for the tokens, do I use them for lessons? ;D

Your imagination is the limit...

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Do you need to download a browser add-on? Will I get a virus that will snax on my files?

Hi, @abh12345, I am from @SnaxTeam. Browser extension is needed to use snax.one UI to bind your social accounts to Snax and to make transactions (just a wallet functions).
All the content you create, is grabbed automatically by the oracle
the whole code of Snax extension is open sourced. We use clipboard permission to copy mnemonic phase which can be used to create an asymmetric private key. Also we use it to copy your export private key: But that’s it. https://github.com/SnaxFoundation/snax-browser-extension. You can see the same permissions for Google Docs Offline, for examplepermissions.png

Answered above, or below.. or somewhere :)

It was on snax... I'm pretty sure.

If you snax it too much you will get snax on yout head... of not being on snax... so, my best bet is... to snax in on it while you can snax...

Do you snax me?

I Snax you good

Check out my post written for oracle-d @abh12345


All the answers you could ever wish for m8 😂

P.s. yes, you do need to use a browser extension for Chrome or chromium based browser. Luckily, brave browser is built using chromium so I opted for that. Brave seems pretty on point security wise.

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😂 Your posts always make me laugh... Yes some people told me I’m pretty, especially my mom, so please, spread me some Snax.
I even had the same answers to your first 3 questions, and I once made a shitpost for linking my Snax account, so I’m ready!


Ad time
As a member of @SteemitWorldMap team, I'm glad to say that we are also awarding our Map users with Snax tokens, so remember to put your travel posts on the Map! (I’m trying harder this time to get a down vote too... ;p)

Oh, you are getting some Snax today for sure :D

Woohoo 🎉 🥳 I’ll say thank you to my mom too for the pretty gene 🧬, so useful! :D

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I could almost get you snax... but today.. I am on !BEER

Anyhow... SNAX it!

Thanks mate! :) I don’t have much to offer, let me try !popcorn 🍿... but if you come to Belgium, I’ll bring you to thousands of nice beers.🍻 Btw, did the Snax team get hungry and think of snacks when creating it? 🤔

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did the Snax team get hungry and think of snacks when creating it? 🤔

Not with that persistence of !popcorn eat rate! Just a guess... 😝

I guess you have more luck, spreading that SNAX around, than I do;)

"Spread your Snax" sounds dirty.

That's what you said!

It's not a plague... its just SNAX... so snax it some more.

Thanks! Really appreciate it!

:D Thanks Snax Daddy!

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Daddy Snax.


y u do dis

Thanks XD

Thanks for the SNAX! I was somewhat hungry for them and have been actually thinking about leveraging the integration and engaging more on twitter!

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NP, I think you will earn a fair few more but it is the thought that counts right? :D

A: Are you pretty?

Actually I am, at least that's what all the people I met in person and online say about me...

No worries, not here for free Snax (been collecting them efficiently myself), just wanted to make a joke :)

Nice idea for Snax advertising!

just wanted to make a joke :)

Well worth it. :)

Nice idea for Snax advertising!

Figured I can help out with something at least.

You are also good at sending nudes from Sauna ;)
Don't you ever underestimate nudes!

Thanks for the snax Taraz. I've already signed up m8 and was one of the earlier peeps to jump on the bandwagon lol I wrote a pretty comprehensive how to post about signing up and linking twitter/steem accounts.


Can't wait for them to hit exchanges and see what value they can accrue. With the advent of 'facebook coin' just around the corner snax have a chance of being used by merchants etc as an alternative for micro payments perhaps. We'll have to see + I think they'll really need to push it to realise utility. 🤞

Thanks again for the 'scooby snax' 😉🤪

P.s. to answer one of your faq...

Q: What are the technical specifications of Snax?

I know for sure that they are a standalone Blockchain, built using the EOS Blockchain open source code. That info is buried in the white paper 🙂

Yep, these are just going out to whoever I choose at the moment :P

I know for sure that they are a standalone Blockchain, built using the EOS Blockchain open source code. That info is buried in the white paper

I just didn't want to answer questions :D

What the f is SNAX? Is it a steem-engine token or... something else entirely? Anybody got a nice explainer post?

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This is a post I wrote for oracle-d nearly a month ago, all about snax and also how to sign up. It should have all the info you need shanghaipreneur 👍🙂


I will be distributing 5x 100 Snax a day to people I think are awesome

Let me know when you have sent them to me :)

If I remember, I will do a screen shot for a comment somewhere each day.

Cool, will sign up later....

Here is a !BEER token for you. Enjoy it.

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Nice post

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You might get some because you are pretty anyway.

Ah, finally I get paid for my only valuable asset.

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Who don't like a free "Snacks".....😊 Ahhh my bad I always thought food first.. ._. any idea if we can buy some 'Snacks' from "SNAX"...??

Any Idea' 😉...??

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No idea. :D

Wish we had some

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They show up on your wallet when you're using the steempeak interface too which is handy.

Oh, that is cool. Didn't know.

I think that having tokenized "skins" is potentially an easy way to tokenize without even needing the platform in question to agree. Pretty funny.

Yes, yes it is XD

I really like how everything seems to happen automagically. Still don't really understand how despite reading the whitepaper multiple times (the maths is a struggle XD) but that's okay, quite happy to watch what happens. Hoping down the line they'll add the actiony stuff to the dropdown thingi (I'm so awesome at jargon).

If you're thinking about giving me snax give them to someone with less snax instead. Or small :)

Q: Snax snax snax...?


Congratulations @tarazkp! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.com.

Hey @tarazkp, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

Q: Will Taraz choose me?
A: Are you pretty?

Uhm, well, yes, I guess... probably!!

So, there you have it. Over the course of the next 29 days, I will be distributing 5x 100 Snax a day to people I think are awesome

Oh crap! no free Snax for the elders!! ;)

I think the elderly are the only ones interested. The young are all on Snapchat or something ;D

Good luck, thank you for the information @tarazkp

Cool initiative man! I love the idea of adding crypto to existing social platforms but like you said only time will tell of SNAX will do it successfully. I think Brave token tried/is trying something similar btw

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Thanks, @tarazkp! Free Snax! I check in each day and watch that number in my Snax account grow larger!

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