My experience

Now that I have joined the blockchain platform I would like to explore it further so that I can take the maximum benefit from it.
I already have my steemit and twitter account linked to the platform account so the underlying blockchain should ideally track my social media activity on my linked accounts.
In theory that makes it my steem and my twitter account. So in the coming days I would monitor my twitter and steemit activity.

This gives me another reason to be socially more active.
Actually social media has become so important in our lives that it is hard to live without being connected to the outside world using our social media accounts.
These accounts act as windows to the outside world and blockchain based project is going to make this process more rewarding from now on.
I would be paying more attention to the social media postings and interactions that I do and post back my experiences post integration.
Till then
So long Folks
This is @chillpill
Signing out