Steemians! Apply for SNAX Community Funding!

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Hello everyone. As you probably know Snax officially started to reward Steemians for their activity so now you can earn additional tokens while doing everything you already do - writing your posts and interacting with cool people! If you don't know what we are talking about then check or @snaxteam.

It is time to power up Steem Communities!

Ok, Snax still has to go to exchanges, but it will not stop us to share some support to communities who are doing great jobs while engaging their members and making this (and other) platform better for all of us. Besides being the Steem witness (@crowdwitness) we are also block producers on Snax and we decided to power up cool communities with SNAX budget which they can further distribute trough contests and other initiatives that result in content creation through open calls (crowdsourcing, yup).

How will that work?

  1. You link your community account with Snax
  2. We send you monthly or weekly budget, which you further distribute to your members/participants/winners

Ok. Give me SNAX.

Well, there is something you should do before that happens. If you are interested please answer these questions in a separate post with #snaxcommunities tag.

  1. Tell us a few words about community
  2. What contests do you run?
  3. How frequent they are?
  4. How would you distribute SNAX rewards/split rewards among winners?
  5. Anything else you think is important...

After this we will make the selection among all applications we received. We will do our best to accept as much good proposals is possible! All details will be discussed with community leaders after the selection.

And that is it. At this moment, we already have an agreement with @photocircle, and two additional big communities are close to the implementation of SNAX in their regular reward system. But we wanted to launch this call too and see what crowd thinks about it.

So guys, please shoot and may the Crowd be with you!

Do you want more info? Come to the Crowdmind or Snax discord!!!!

vote manually here:


I still have concerns that the Snax organization may inappropriately post to my Twitter account, push solicitations to my followers (without my explicit permission), or sell my data to 3rd parties. Their privacy policy allows all this and much more. I approached the team in Discord, where they stated they would not, but did not update their FAQ's or Privacy statement. Later, they deleted the entire conversation.

We have seen this with other apps/marketing campaigns. They offer some perk or swag for access to your social media accounts and the ability to continually harvest your usage, contacts, and connection data. Not sure if Snax will become one of these despicable entities, but them not clearly stating they won't originate their own post (marketing, spam, solicitation, etc.) on users accounts is concerning.

Beware people.

Hello @mrosenquist,

  1. Browser extension is needed to use UI to bind your social accounts to Snax and to make transactions. We use clipboard permission to copy mnemonic phase which can be used to create an asymmetric private key. Also we use it to copy your export private key. The Snax extension cannot post on your behalf or push solicitations to your followers. You can check it yourself by looking at the code. All Snax soft is provided AS IS by MIT license. Snax Extension does not collect any data about you.
  2. We restructured Snax discord because we received a lot of user traffic. We have created new channels in order to provide better support to our users. Most of the old channels were removed (including the one on which we had a discussion with you)
  3. In the future, we will update FAQ's or Privacy statement but as we told you We are a small team without funding so we don't always have enough resources to do all the cool things right away
  4. Do you really think that we ran own blockchain (28 blocks producers from the EOS, TRON, STEEM, TELOS community supported Snax)only to post spam tweets?

I have advertised through MPs to various community managers of my knowledge: I really like the SNAX project!

A huge hug,

Amaziiinnngg. Love this initiative! Long live Crowdmind! 🤣❤️

hi, interesting project! Im curious if you can say what kind of donations you can make for groups (ecoTrain) , ball bark just to get a sense of it.. thanks!

Hi there @eco-alex , great to hear from ecoTrain. It is really simple, we can donate you SNAX which you will further spread to your community participants as reward for their entries (or other activities). We are really open to hear suggestions from you, that is why we asked for posts but you can hit us on discord (@hidden84 or @svemirac)...many did it too, maybe it is easier to get specific details.
Thanks and keep rocking!


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Amazing, i gonna join

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@alexs1320, SNAX is making some engaging noise on Steem Blockchain and definitely i will going to look towards it.

More Tokenised Projects, Communities and Initiatives are boosting aspect for sure and journey is becoming more exciting and surprising. Have a blessed time ahead and stay blessed.

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I am trying to join you on discord. But when I hit the button on your website, it directs me there as a new user. But I am already registered and want to get in touch through my account. My username: erh.germany#0661 - how can I reach you guys on discord?

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