Studying away from home!

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Leaving home

When we are at the end of high school, it is time to decide where to go now. Is it better to stay at home or go away to study in a new city? I am the one who decided to study away from home and I can say that I have learned lots of things in this special experience. I was only 18 when I left home to study in Ankara, which is the capital city of Turkey. There have been up and downs in my experience. After all, I am grateful for everything now.

When you are leaving home, you are leaving your comfort zone where you always feel safe thanks to people around you. It might be hard for a person who is always dependent on parents. However, we can't live with our parents forever. In some point, we need to draw our ways and try to build our own life. If we keep living with our parents, there will be always some missing parts in life.



Leaving comfort zone

When you leave your comfort zone, you start experiencing all new things that you can't have with your parents' around you. As you are alone, you will have to do all things by yourself. Imagine yourself living in a new city. You have to study and do all things by yourself. You may have problems about arranging your time at the beginning, but you will get over them later which is really good for your self-improvement.

In some points, you might feel really down with things happening in your new life. However, you will always find some solutions and improve yourself a lot. Improvement doesn't happen when you are dependent on a person. Experience hurts you from time to time, but it can't be gained and achieved without pain, so leaving your comfort zone is really good to find your real self.



New home

When you start your university life in a new city, you can either stay in a dormitory or flat. It might sound really easy to move in a new place to live. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. I lived in a dormitory for 3 years and I had to share a room with 6 people. As people were from different parts of the country, there was a great cosmopolitan atmosphere. To be honest, it was hard to deal with all new people, but then everything got better.

Living with flat-mates in a flat or room-mates in a dormitory helps you a lot to improve yourself. People are the most difficult creatures to deal with. It is really hard to get along with people in a house or dormitory. However, this amazing experience in a new city helps you so much and you learn lots of things thanks to those people around you.




Being a university student means having endless freedom. If you prefer to stay with your parents, your freedom might be limited. You may have to give your decisions by thinking about your parents many times. However, living in a new city as a student gives you opportunities to explore the city, lots of new things and basically yourself. Freedom sounds amazing, doesn't it?

When we look at all these things, I feel like studying away from home is better than being with your parents. I personally studied away from home 4 years and I can easily say that I have improved myself a lot. I have managed to become a confident person since I have made lots of decisions by myself. If I had been with my family all the time, I wouldn't be the same teachblogger now.



How is your experience about studying in university? Have you studied in your own city or studied away from home like me? You are welcome to share your opinions with me and all other steemians.

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Studying away from home make you strong

I agree with you!

You've just sent me back in time to my varsity years. I remember the mixed emotions I had leaving home and heading out by myself. It was pure excitement and pure horror mixed in one. My mother didn't want to let me go. It was a teary goodbye. So many great memories I've just relieved. Beautiful.

Moms never want us to leave home :)

No they don't. They want their babies to remain babies forever. They're just protective that way.

Each time I learn more with you, thank you for promoting and supporting education in this community, you are a man with a good heart, I wish that God will bless you.

It is important to start gaining some independence and maturity from a young age, and don't living with parents can help a lot with this, so I agree when you mention this "studying away from home is better than being with your parents"