State of the Sndbox Competition Entry - Vontot Part :)

in #sndbox4 years ago

Hello steemians!

Below is my thumbnail in the eight monthly sandbox competition!

State of the Sndbox.jpg
this is my part for the competition held by @sndbox for Design a LandingImage in part of the colors given by @sndbox.

Simply i want to emphasize the box shape for it represents @sndbox in my point of view. It was my first time making an entry using photoshop so I hope you can appreciate and like my entry.

Thanks and Goodluck steemians!


I really like it @vonromulobalsamo!

The color scheme is just wonderful as is the composition. It follows the golden ratio nicely it seems. Well done!

Thanks :). Comment appreciiated

Your're welcome!

This is the one i like most.