How Crypto Environment Affect My Interaction in Real Life Society (Sndbox Summer Camp Psychology-Task 2)

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Good day, good people

After completing my first Sandbox Summer Camp task, in this section, I am going to continue writing the second task. My first task content was talking about psychological mindset of the minnows in Steemit (Steemit Mindset Game). While for the second task, I want to share my own experience related to applying the knowledge of crypto environment into my social interaction in real life. In this post you will see how the knowledge of social psychology could affect someone interest in his/her social life. So, let's start.

It had been two weeks since I met 22 Rotary Peace Fellows from 19 countries (Somalia, Cameroon, Liberia, Spain, Kenya, Sudan, Canada, USA, Nepal, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Slovenia, Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Iran, Nigeria, Thailand) for the first time. Actually, I have had some experiences in organizing and guiding several guests (national and international) who visited Aceh since 2011. However, this is my first time meeting the professionals from various background knowledges and countries who came to Aceh to learn about PEACE. Feeling nervous? Of course. Honestly, that moment made me worried a little bit. However, this kind of nervousness was similar with the feeling I got when I had joined steemit and connected with steemian all over the world for the first time. Scared and excited at the same time. As I experienced myself, every single times that kind of feeling appears, it sign that I need to do it. So that, I accepted the challenge.

For someone who tends to be more introvert, I myself for example, meeting new people and stepping into a new environment is not an easy thing to start. As far as I know, introvert people are less likely to open the conversation or take the first step to approach. It because they need more time to observe the situation in order to build strong connection with all new members.

However, in steemit I have learned that trust issue has strong connection with openness and honesty attitutes. I found that steemit is the first social media platform that care a lot about the trusting issues by banning plagiarism which controlled by @cheetah and @steemcleaner. The similarity system also can be seen in crypto environment where every single transaction can be detected and recorded clearly. Thus, unintentionally, the system has affected my actions in daily society.

Let say, while meeting the Rotary Peace fellows at the first time, I have been actively using steemit about 3 months long. I have been learning and understanding (even though not an expert) how steemit and crypto environment work. Therefore, since the first meeting, I could notice (a little bit) about the fellows' characteristics and actions. My habit of analyzing steemit and crypto environment make me a lot more sensitive about information and data in my social life.

Well, I still do not know whether it will be good or bad for my social life in the future. Because for now on, I am glad to see happy people around me. Perhaps, just like creativity, love and happiness are also contagious. In fact, I was quite surprised while one of the senior fellows stated that she was mesmerized by my sensitivity so that I can think with my brain and heart as well. The best compliment ever!

I am one of the fellows not only appreciative of, but admiring your emotional and intellectual quotients. You spoke with your head and heart; you read us like mirrors and reflected us in prose. You were indeed poetic. [Roshan, India]

To sum up, joining steemit community has given me a lot of opportunity to learn abundance of knowledges for free, connecting with the people of creative and critical minded and shaping my identity into the better me in real life. Hope this short story can bright up your mind and enhance your spirit.

Thank you for reading.
For the @betterperson, see you next time~


keren postingannya yu. kakak mau nulis juga

Yuk ditulis kakak. Biar bisa saling sharing info dan pengalaman. 😉

Untuk ikut quest ini bisa baca postingan @anomadsoul dan @guyfawkes4-20

Well done! You did a great job, @betterperson. Proud of you!

Thanks kakak.
Sambilan belajar juga nih. 😊

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