Sndbox Summer Camp Writing - Task 3: The compilation

in #sndboxsummercamp3 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone,

It's been a though ride, but I'm finally able to post the third task of the Sndbox summer camp writing quest. Since I started writing very recently, it was a big challenge for me to write 2000 words in a week without giving in too much quality-wise. I pushed myself hard the last days, writing the last few scenes and taking my time to edit the whole story. I'm glad I joined, but I'm also glad it's over and I can focus now on some new ideas and contests.

The adventure began wirth part 1 where I talked about my journey that got me here. It all started with a school assignment, and now we're here on Steemit trying to become a better writer, learning from the best out there. I'm a lifelong student, and I know i'll have to put in the time and effort to master this craft. That's why I couldn't and wouldn't let this contest pass me by. I might not be the best writer out there, but I do want to become the best someday. We can only try our best I guess.

After that I started writing the story. The first few scenes came out rapidly, but then I had to overthink where I wanted to go. Was I still writing in a consistent POV? Did my character's arc make sense? How could I develop the story while writing in deep POV? With some help from The Wirter's Block (special thanks to @bex-dk for our brainstorm-sessions) I finally got it done today. I'm proud of my accomplishment (part 2), and whether or not I'll finish in the prizes, the learning experience has been great.

So that's it I guess. Thanks to @anomadsoul and @guyfawkes4-20 to create this contest and push me to limits I hadn't encountered before.

Tuwore out.