Snowman Challenge / 雪だるまチャレンジ

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It’s easy.

It’s simple.

Just post a picture of a snowman that you built, and nominate another person.






Next Up: @steemcityniigata


Hope I can participate too but I am form Mexico, no snow at all here haha!
Enjoy it!!!

Can you make a snowman out of sand, or maybe torillas? I understand that no t everyone lives in a place with snow, so I think it’s okay to use other materials. If you want to participate, join in.

What a lovely challenge, am not qualify locally, am from Nigeria and we have no snow...


Pic from the movie Frozen

Maybe you can make a snowman out of something other than snow—fruit, or sand, or whatever is near you.

Hiii will u need the our own orignal picturesss??sad thing is we haven't snow....hope to ur enjoy of luck to all

Thanks. You too. Is there another material you can use to make something shaped like a snowman?

Thanks. Today’s snowman was just a little one.

woos really wonderfull plan and better idea i always like snowman and feel to hug this beautifull

Maybe you can make a Hug a Snowman Challenge.

woos really wonderfull plan and better idea i always like snowman and feel to hug this beautifull that you make maybe with your son boxcarblue sir

Yeah, he helped a little, but not too much. He was more like the foreman—Do this! Do that! Etc

I wish there was snow in the philippines :(

If you don’t have snow, use something else. Make a snowman at the beach, out of sand.

When is the deadline pls?

There is no deadline. And no prize. It’s open ended. Just participate if you want to and nominate someone else for the challenge.

So beautiful creations with snow, but in my country there is no snow, so I have to enjoy it with you my friend. How is your exercise?

The exercise is going well. I’m about to do it now.

You can use something other than snow. That’s okay. Just get creative with this.

its great to challenge and sure we see the best entries in this challenge but whats rule of this challenge... will we need the our own orignal picture?

Just make a snowman out of anything and post an original picture of it. You don’t need snow, just creativity.

wonderfull to see this snowman challenge and hope we participate in it with our photos @ boxcarblue and really a good entry and you make it better

Anyone can participate at any time. And if you don’t have any snow, just use something else. Even a drawing will do.

Totemo Samui desu ne


Looks fun! However, there is no snow here.

Well, use something else. Make one out of paper, or rice, or fruit, or anything you can think of.

Haha no way, best challenge ever. I don't usually do challenges but this one is simply amazing..

You know what is bugging me though? I live in Sweden and although we got -4 degrees outside atm not a single snowflake has come 😂

If I'm lucky enough to get some snow this week I'll join in🤟🏼

Otherwise, if you're into travelling, vlogs, fitness, self-development etc feel free to check out my channel, in any case keep up the good work and I'll see you around! :)

I don’t like winter without the snow. Snow makes winter fun. Here’s to hoping you get some in Sweden soon. If not, get creative and make a snowman out of something else.

Oh, now that's a good idea 🙌🏼

Nice idea. So far I only have a pile of snow in front of my house.

Well, you’ve got the best material for making a snowman so you’re off to a good start.

hahaha very cool!
Please, check my blog :)

Will do as soon as I have a little more time.



There's actually no snow where I am right now so I can't build a snowman. I have resteemed this post so others may join in this snowman challenge.

I will nominate though this cute and small snowman pic that was posted several weeks ago.

That is cute. Thanks for the resteem! What’s the best way to contact you about that promo post?

Yes, I actually haven't seen that many people make snowman that small. Do you happen to be on any chat services like Viber or Discord?

I’ll get in touch with you on Discord soon. Thanks.

Very nice to be doing a post you thank you for sharing a nice post in us

Thanks for reading.

はじめまして! @boxcarblueさんは日本人の方ですか?





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