So Excited to Be Here Among the Steemians

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Hello! My name is Shawna. I'm a wife and mother and a soap maker! I thought I'd join the Steemit community especially aiming to show the process of my making soap. I am a very creative person in general, so I may not stop at soap. It's possible that will share paintings and things I am crocheting or sewing, for those who want to see such things. Thank you in advance, for following my Steemit blog. I hope you will enjoy the posts I share!IMG_1011.JPG


Beautiful bars! And I already saw your painting so yeah, you didn't stop at just soap.

I see @Lynncoyle1 already pulled @buckaroo here :D These two ladies are too fast for me. Hello ladies! Hope all is well with you all.

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy discovering the wonderful communities here, I'm mostly under homesteading tag. But @buckaroo is the pro on that.

When it comes to engagement, Lynn's the pro. She finds real quality accounts to follow and comment on.

If you do Discord, come join us at @SteemitMamas

Oh and you can tag this post as #introduceyourself, it will get you bot comments (downside) and also there are some who are keeping an eye on it to help newbies (upside).

Thank you so very much @lovenfreedom !
You ladies are all so kind! Thank you for the warm welcome. I was enjoying your posts as well.

Welcome to steemit @buysoaphere :) I'm calling @buckaroo over here to check you and your soap out haha. She's awesome, a homesteader, and involved in a community that might be beneficial for you too. I'm hoping she can 'hook you up' with the right people here :)

Thank you Lynn! (And for the compliment) I think I'm overdue a pif post. Sorry I was very slow on the uptake. And as @lynncoyle1 says WELCOME @buysoaphere! I will help hook you up, with pleasure! My first tip would be to learn how to tag correctly. Tags are very important, especially to get into the different groups. You can definitely use #steemitmamas. They're a lovely group of crafty mamas. Maybe follow @steemitmamas and get to know the different ladies there. You can also use tags like #creative and #gratefulvibes, and while you may not be a homesteader I know that a lot of us homesteaders love making our own EVERYTHING so use that tag for a project post, like soapmaking. When you read posts pay attention to what tags they use. I also found it helpful when I first joined steemit to go through the tags, especially ones that interested me. Learn what tags work. You can do a travel post using #travelfeed which also includes #food #art #animals etc. I found some lovely people through joining different contests. You get weekly or monthly challenges. Some are really fun. Some challenging. Some educational. Get involved with community happenings. You'll meet some really special people; like the lovely Lynn who has been such an encouragement and support to me. Don't limit yourself. Don't see steemit as a way to make money. Forget that part. Get community minded. Interact. Comment. Read and get involved. If you eventually grow your wallet, fantastic. Above all, have fun!

This is really great help and a nice welcome @buckaroo and @lynncoyle1 ! I so appreciate you both! I wish I could vote for your comments 5 times over! Thank you for the warm and helpful welcome. I really love how this blogging with photos is already drawing the writer out of me again. I get to be contemplative and write in a special way.

Maybe join the #freewrite by @mariannewest? I have never done it but I know it is very popular. @mirrors is also a sweetie and very supportive of newbies but I see she's very quiet the recent months. @lynncoyle1, do you know why?

That is so sweet @lynncoyle1 ! Thank you! I will look at her blog now! Thanks again!

Welcome to steemit! We are glad you joined. We need more real people like you that do neat stuff like making beautiful soap.

We resteemed this post for you, hope you get the attention you deserve.

Is that what happened? Well thank you! Haha! I wrote a blog this morning, and then went to look at activities that have happened since my last log-in, and I knew kind people had spread the word to welcome me because I saw votes that were definitely not there yesterday! Thank you! This is a pleasure already!

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you so much!

oh @andysantics48 you might share some of your ideas with @buysoaphere too! maybe you two can swap notions! hehehee :)