Soar Token Generation — Rewards Events

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We are excited to announce the launch of four reward give aways prior to the Token Generation Event (TGE)! The TGE will be conducted on the Tokeneed website. Please refer to our detailed Tokeneed guide at assist you with all aspects of the platform/event.1_qU4njnjVArdULEzDwQ0vXg.png

The four reward give aways are:

  1. Refer and Both Win Tokens

  2. 200,000 SKYM Airdrop Give Away

  3. Get Up To 50% Rebate With Soar Token Purchase

  4. Lucky Drone


Refer And Both Win Tokens

When you refer a friend to participate in the Soar token generation, you will receive a 3% referral reward and your friend will receive a 2% bonus! Both participants will retain the ability to participate in all future referral programs. (Participants must pass KYC in the Tokeneed website, once the Soar tokens are purchased by the referee, the referrer and referee will receive their respective rewards.).


200,000 SKYM Airdrop Give Away

In the 200,000 SKYM Airdrop Give Away, you will be invited to go to the airdrop event page at enter your email address in the Soar airdrop page. You will receive a unique invitation link and are encouraged to send the invitation link to as many people as possible. The more invites you send, the more tokens you will get. At the end of the event, the top 5% of ranking referrers will share 25% of the 200,000 SKYM Airdrop tokens.


Get Up To 50% Rebate With Soar Token Purchase

Participants can receive up to a 50% rebate on all Soar token purchases by referring other users to the Soar public token generation. The more people you invite, the more rebate you can receive. Users are eligible to receive up to 500 ETH + CMT150,000 + ABT 75,000 + MVP 11,500,000 + EGT 7,800,000 total rebate! (Please visit more details).


Lucky Drone

We are giving away a $629 drone to SOAR TGE participants in our lucky draw event! The winner will be announced 5 days after the Soar Token Generation ends. You can sign up at

Demo Testnet:
Email: [email protected]


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The more people you invite, the more rebate you can receive.

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