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Welcome to my first beehive capture post. I hope to post more as I accumulate more hives. I started beekeeping when I was in High school, my parents kept the hives going while I left and tried to make a name for myself. I would help out with the upkeep when I came home for a visit but was never in a place to start back up. Now that I have failed to make a name for myself (thank you God) and settled in to enjoy life, I hope to make a bee empire of my own. If you enjoy bee posts regularly I encourage you to go check out my friend @craigcryptoking, he has quite the bee collection and regularly posts about beekeeping here on STEEM.

A few weeks ago I trimmed and cleaned up the old hives my parents gave me. They were a bit dirty and needed a good scrubbing. I planed the wood to get a good seal on the lid and gathered up all the wood frames for my deep hive body.

Then I waited for my parents to come and visit. We had a weekend planned and they brought their equipment and the rest of the equipment to give to me. The wild hive was in a box with a lid that had hinges, I wanted to lift the lid straight up so I brought my electric drill to take off the hinges. Once the box was ready we removed the lid and started removing the comb in the Langstroth hive. My mother was more than willing to document the entire transfer with her cell phone so I placed some pictures and videos together to show the whole thing.

Hope you enjoyed the short video. I will be fixing up some more hives to start moving in more wild hives. I have a potential 2nd hive in the works. It's going to be a hard one to capture, it's in a tree and I can't cut the tree.

Thanks for stopping by.

If you have found honey, eat only enough for you, lest you have your fill of it and vomit it. - Proverbs 25:16


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Heck ya! My grandparents used to have a bunch of hives here when I was young. I've always thought it would be fun to try myself. I've got all their old books on beekeeping so I'm sure I could figure it out. I just don't ever seem to have the time. I got to many hobbies already. lol.

Dude you should take up beekeeping. You would love it. Check out @craigcryptoking, you guys would get along well. I bet those old books would be a very valuable asset too. beekeeping really is easy, not a lot of time is required as you just put them in a box, this video was all of 45 min, and check on them now and then. Then when it is time for harvest you take the honey and replace it with empty frames to be filled back up. Harvest is a day of work if that. Friends make it go faster on harvest time. It is a lot like a garden, keep it healthy and watch it grow most of the time. also check out @meanbees American based (I think) he has a cam in his hive properly cool too. Cheer$;)

Sweet I just followed him. Thanks for the heads up.

Stunning my brother loving this and nice job.. Your bees are not as aggressive as ours? We wont touch them in the day I also have this theory (mine only) that working them in the day makes them more aggressive. Ok but with reference to our 'African Killer Bee' Apis Mullifera Skuttellata said to be the most aggressive on Earth. I see vids of the Americans and Europeans working them in the day no suit even if we did that we would be dead. Cheer$;)

Yes, this was a very mild hive and most hives are mild. So you work with a much more aggressive bee? How are the bees in Africa? Do they atack you and never stop?

Yes bro literally if they are threatened they keep sending troops I have been on the bad end of their wrath last Sept very scary I literally thought they would kill me. Since then I have not worked with them in the day again and I wont. Cheer$;)

Wow that's scary. I have heard the African bees are making their way to the USA. Some parts of Texas already. I agree hot weather is not helpful for bees. I remember in highschool one hive would be more aggressive than the one next to it. That is very interesting.

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