Los Padres Backpacking trip

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I completed my solo backpacking trip in Los Padres NF. I had a great time, I was going to go to the sierras for a hike in a National Park but my hiking buddy canceled. Stupid work! So I had the time set aside for a backpacking trip so I quickly threw together a trip I could feel safe about hiking alone. Hiking alone is risky, I really need to pick up a spot checker sometime. A spot checker is a great tool to use even when you hike with others. It hooks up to satellites so when you hit a button I am ok or not ok, it sends the I am ok to the website to show your family members were you are and if you hit not ok or even emergency not ok it calls the local 911 dispatch to send help for you.
I digress, I started out my trip in Los Padres with a hike up from Memorial Campground. I hiked up to the coastal ridgeline trail
Made it to my first camp and set up my new tent.
I had to hike a half-mile to get some water from this spring. It was just a trickle but still able to fill up my water containers for dinner and the next day.
Dinner and a show, I set up my hammock and watched the sunset. I did not get any good sunset pictures because I had my phone on time-lapse, and my phone crashed while trying to capture the time-lapse.
The next morning I woke up to the sunrise, it was spectacular. I made a nice mountain house breakfast skillet rolled into tortillas. I had one before leaving and wrapped one up for a morning snack.
I had a big hike, little over 9 miles along the coastal ridge trail. I highly recommend this trail. You get to hike along the ridge and look to the west for ocean views and east to see valleys.
This is Fish camp in Lost Valley. I had the place all to myself.
This is my new toy, the @biolite solar panel plus. I was able to recharge my phone numerous times while hiking. When I wanted the solar panel charged up I would attach it to my pack. It would recharge while I was hiking making it very easy.


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Nice! Sounds like an awesome trip. Fish camp looks like a sweet camp site.

Yes fish camp was very nice. I really want to do more of Lost Valley.

Great trip! I need to get out and do some backpacking soon here -- if I can get time out of work :(

Looking forward to more shares from you!

Thanks for reading my post and the resteem. I don't post often, well I should say I don't post good content often. Backpacking is like my personal vacation. I also work a lot and find no extra time for backpacking. I just try to remind myself I need to do these things now when I have the energy not later when my work has taken all my good years.

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