I did two nights. Started at memorial campground, same place we started. I hiked up the same trail you and I hiked down on our last day. It's still very bad condition but still not the worse trail I took. Then I went north on the coastal trail and took a overgrown trail, probably hasn't had a person hike it in years, down to Lost Valley. Then back out to the parking lot.
Really bummed I can't make it to the game tomorrow. I have to work. 😤

Sounds like a fun trip! Did you see any wild animals? The over growth might be how the valley got lost in the first place. lol. Ya, too bad you can't come to the game today. It's gonna be fun. I'm making a killer spread for everyone. I'm sure you're loving all that OT though.

No, lots of pig sign on the trail. I saw one big rattlesnake. Not really enjoying the OT, I am about to quit and ask you for a job. Its been nice to get away and hike. Have fun.

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