The SoCal Spotlight - Week 7

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Welcome to week 7 of the SoCal Spotlight!

Each week the SoCal Spotlight highlights five of the awesome posts from #socalsteemit! So, lets dive on in and see what kind of cool stuff the SoCal Steemians have been posting about this week!


In the first post this week @steemseph tells us about A website that has a map with the locations for pinball machines all over the world!! He shows us screenshots from the site as he attempts to find a Shrek pinball machine in Los Angeles. And while he was unsuccessful in finding the pinball machine this time, he did find a really cool Terminator Salvation (FPS) console!

Pinball Lovers’ Relay Challenge! My first update to Pinside’s Map Part 1 of 3.



Our second featured post this week is a five minute free write by @mikesthoughts with the topic being "dude". And let's just say this is probably not what most people would think of when they hear the word "dude". He gives us a great short horror fiction story, but with a fun comical aspect as well!

Five minute free write - dude



Up next this week we have a really informative post by @inalittlewhile who tells us about and how you can use it for cross posting on Steemit, Golos, Whaleshares, and Medium! He also gives us an update on the EOS project and gives us lots of links to learn more and to get started on these different platforms.

Cross Platform Posting Using Multiply Your Efforts & Prepare For Impact



In our fourth featured post @madpotters invites us to come sit with her while she creates her cement pottery. She takes us through the process of molding the pots and shows us some really nice final products as well as a few that didn't exactly come out perfect due to the weather conditions. And although she says she is slowly turning her fingertips into cement, it looks like lots of fun!

Sit with me!



For the final featured post this week we have another "Off Leash Adventure" by @beckymeep. Her and @csusbgeochem1 take their dogs Buddy and Happy on a fun 4x4 trip up into the San Bernardino mountains where they found some great trails to explore and found a perfect spot to stop and let the dogs run around. She gives us all the details of the adventure and accompanies it with great photos of the beautiful mountain scenery!

Off Leash Adventures: Pups In Trucks; Episode One - Finding Our New Off Road Spot


And that's gonna do it for week 7 of the SoCal spotlight! If you enjoyed these posts please give them an upvote and be sure to check out ALL the awesome posts at #socalsteemit!!



#SoCalSteemit is building and supporting the Steemit community of Southern California. If you are from SoCal and are into creating quality content here on Steemit, we'd love for you to follow us @SoCalSteemit and join our group on Discord


Great post once again!!! And a couple I haven't read yet!! Thank you!!!!

Thanks for showcasing the post. Great work building the #SoCalSteemit community too. I keep seeing new faces over on Discord. Great work by all the other members in curation as well! :)

Wow, lol! Thank you very much for featuring my post @socalsteemit. Also, thanks to you and @derekrichardson for all the hard work you put in to help bring this community together. These posts look great/pro. 🙏👍

It's my pleasure @steemseph. I'm really enjoying watching the community grow!

I do stuff like this a lot: 8E3908FE-EC13-4E9E-8A46-FECE9ECD3824.jpeg

Thank you dude. I appreciate you spreading the word! I'm really glad we have you in the group. I look forward to hanging out at a meetup someday.

Thanks for having me!
Yeah, the Whittier spot is a familiar location. My friend once flew RC airplanes there. Good facility for those guys. Don't forget about May 25th at Taco Surf too. If you make your way to the HB, look for us performing from 6-9. :) I'll mention it again.

Thank you for the highlight!
Great post as always to highlight talented Socalsteemit-ians :)

Now I'm going to read the ones I hadn't seen yet

Looks great. Hey, when can we do a meetup in the LA/South Bay area?

Our last meetup was in LA county... the next one is being planned for a beach meetup in the OC. And @mariannewest organizes meetups in San Diego every month as well. If you would like to organize an LA/SouthBay meetup talk with the other members in the discord and make a plan and I'll definitely help you promote it.

#socalsteemit is killing it!!! thanks for the feature, and awesome reads by everyone this week!!

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