Ball of the match Liverpool lost champions Real.

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Zinedine Zidane had confidence in eleven players in the last edition's final to build history. The disciples did not disappoint him. Real Madrid have won the title of Champions League title after winning the lively Liverpool.

Zidane's team won 3-1 in Kiev on Saturday's final. The team went ahead by Karim Benzema. Sadio is the meaning of returning Liverpool to equality. Gareth Bale gave the team a couple of goals in the tournament.

In the modern version, the first team to become the champion of three consecutive titles, the real glory of Real Madrid, In all, Madrid's club is the first team to win three consecutive teams since Bayern Munich. At the same time, three times as the first coach, Europe has achieved the distinction of becoming the first French coach Zidane, who took charge of the Madrid club in 2016,

Last season, in the final, Uvantos lost to Atletico Madrid. This time, Liverpool beat Zimbabwe in the final of the tournament.

Liverpool shook Real Madrid early on in Kiev's match. The Spanish team, with the chance of unprofessional football, takes a tough test in one attack after another. However, some of the Zidane's disciples took control of the attack.

Roberto Ferminova's bullet speed shot from the D-box in the 23rd minute, on the foot of Sirhio Ramos. Trent Alexander-Arnold's shot in the back of the ball, Real goalkeeper Keeler Nawab

Two players from the two teams left the field with eyeballs in 6 minutes. Mohammed Salah got hurt while bowling the ball with Ramos. Liverpool's Egyptian forward could not continue playing for some initial treatment. He left the 30th minute and left.

Liverpool, playing a Cheetah offensive football until Salah left the field In the current season, after losing all the competition to 44 goals, the English team lost a lot of rhythm after losing the forward. Real chance that midfielder takes control of Real During the rest of the first half, the pressure was theirs.

Real Madrid's defender Danny Carvalhal, who suffered a minor injury during the 36th minute,

Karim Benzeema sent a ball to Liverpool in the 43rd minute. But the referee playing the flute on the off side instead of the goal. Zidan's disciples try to take a shot from a distance. But the success did not match.

At the beginning of the second half, Liverpool beat Real. Soon it was getting its benefits. In the 48th minute, Escrow got a loose ball in the de-box. But he could not use the golden opportunity. The Spanish midfielder shot back on the crossbar.

In the 51st minute, Liverpool's goalkeeper's German goalkeeper went ahead with the unforgivable mistake. The ball increased to Benzema, and the ball came forward and took Glarus to Lauris Currius. He wanted to tell a defender in front of him; But could not find, in the back of Benjema's foot near the nets, the ball collapsed. This is his 56th goal in the Champions League.

In the 55th minute, Sadio returned to equal level with Liverpool. From the corner to the head of Dejan Lauverne, sending the net in the back of Senegal's forward means. This is his tenth goal in the current tournament.

In the 61st minute, after a break, Bell took the team one by one in three minutes. Wells star forward to find out the fake bicycle at the Marcelo cross.
Equality in the 70th minute did not return for a little. The quality of the low-shot shot goes to the post.

In the 83rd minute, Goalkeeper went on to win his second goal in the second round. He took a shot alongside the goalkeeper from outside the D-box. But the gloves could not take the curiosity, and the ball trapped in the trap.

In the 1981 World Cup final, the previous final ended in the final; To Liverpool. Since then, the seven-time final played in the final, the club of all-win Madrid.

In 2005, Liverpool won the last of their five titles. After the 2007 final England team lost in the final.

Cristiano Ronaldo won five Ballon d'Or and five Champions League titles as the first footballer. However, he did not find much in the final. The real big stars of Reality were their shadow.
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