Manchester unired was out in the Brighton field.

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Manchester United beat England 1-0 in Britton and Hove Albion on Tuesday.

Jose Mourinho's team lost to Brighton and Hove Albion in the first round of the Old Trafford League.

In front of the opponent's field in the first half of the match on Friday night, the ball was ahead of the ball but did not get the desired goal. Rather, the team survived two rounds in favor of Davide de Hare. Pacquel Gross in the 14th minute and Glenn in the 23rd minute returned to the attempt to glen this goalkeeper.

Hov Albion goes ahead in the 57th minute. Pascal's head Marcos Roho was also able to cross the ball goalline until then. During the rest of the match, Lynchard-Rashford did not give United the equalizer goals.

United finished seventh spot in 36 matches, with United reaching second place with 77 points. Manchester City topped with 93 points in 35 matches.
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