Morata is not in the World Cup squad in Spain.

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Apart from Alvaro Morata, the World Cup squad announced Spain coach Hulen Lopeztegie Chelsea player Sis Fabreggas and Atletico Madrid's Winger Basolor have not been included in 23-member squad.

Die Castro of Atlético Madrid, Rodrigo Moreno of Valencia and Yego Aspas of Selta Viagra

Violo could not take a look at Lopez in four matches in Spain's World Cup qualifier for Spain. And 31-year-old former Barcelona midfielder Fabragus is out of the national team for the last two years.

However, there was uncertainty about Chelsea's presence in the frozen Morata squad for the first season. This forward was out of the field for a long time in the back injury.

Morata was not one of the friendly matches against Germany and Argentina in March, but he did not make five World Cup goals in five matches.

"It's a difficult moment for a player," said Lopeztegie, who did not have Morat on the press conference. He was qualified to be in the team. "

"I have a valuable opinion that is painful for him. But I have decided. "

"Those who had to talk to, I spoke. I'm not calling anyone's name. It's difficult to list 23 people. "

The Spanish World Cup campaign will begin on June 15 with a match against Portugal. Spain and the other two opponents in the 'B' group Iran and Morocco

Spain's 23-member squad:

Goalkeeper: Kepa Arisabalga (Athletic Bilbao), Davis de Haya (Manchester United), Pepe Reina (Napoli)

Defender: Jordi Alba (Barcelona), Nacro Monreal (Arsenal), Alvaro Ariasola (Real Sociedad), Nacho Fernandes (Real Madrid), Danny Carvalho (Real Madrid), Gerard Pike (Barcelona), Serio Ramos (Real Madrid), Caesar Aspiliquete (Chelsea)

Midfielders: Seyboo BiccaTa (Barcelona), Isco (Real Madrid), Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich), Davis Silva (Manchester City), Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Souul Niggs (Atletico Madrid), Koke (Atletico Madrid)

Forward: Marco Asconio (Real Madrid), Yeago Asapas (Selta Vigo), Diego Costa (Atlético Madrid), Rodrigo Moreno (Valencia), Lucas Vasques (Real Madrid)
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