Neymar returned in paris.

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Neymar is likely to play again this season with PSG. The Brazilian star forwards ahead of Saturday's sizzling gym gymnasium.

In the end of February, in the match against Marseille, the fifth metersler broke his right foot's leg. The world's most valuable footballer was in the process of rehabilitation in his country so much so that he could get fit before the World Cup after Brazil's surgery in Sao Paulo.
PSG's outgoing coach Unai Amery indicated that Neymar could return to the league in the current season. PSG draws a 2-2 draw against Iamantra on Friday to ensure the title. In the French Cup finals, Una América's team will face third-seeded team Les Hrabiers.

If the PSG wins on Tuesday, the team's Spanish coach Unai Emeri will take part in the tri-nation tournament in France. Then there are two more league matches in the league one champions On May 12, PSG will be confronting on May 19.


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