Zidane announces the release of Real.

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Zinedine Zidane announced his decision to leave Real Madrid five days after winning the Champions League in three consecutive seasons.

Zidane announced on Thursday that he would leave the job at a press conference.

After taking the responsibility of the Spanish club in January 2016, the French coach, who won nine consecutive titles, including three Champions League and one La Liga.

Zidane announced the resignation of 'All things have changed'. And this is the reason for his decision.

"I love this club. I think the victory of this team will be retained, but the need for change. Another voice, the need for another method. And that's why I made this decision. "

Zidane said at a press conference that he would take charge of another group soon. For the rest of the plan to rest for a while.

"I will not be coaching any other team right now. I'm not looking for any other group. "

Zinedine said that he had personally spoken to captain Cerhio Ramos in the team about the decision to leave.

"The whole team was informed at the same time. Personally I did not talk to them. I talked with Sirhio Ramos. He is the captain ... he respects my decision. "

Since joining Rafael Benítez as the successor, the 45-year-old Zidane has spent the time in Santiago Bernabeu. In the league this season, the most anticipated Barcelona's title can not be challenged by winning the title, but once again Europe has finished the season with great success, Zidane's team ended.

Zidane won the Champions League as the first club to win three Champions League history, on average, Real Madrid. At the same time, as the first coach, three times Europe made the unique achievement of the best of Zidane.

Zidane has 104 wins, as well as 29 matches draws Madrid Club. Real Madrid, who won three league titles last season, have won the La Liga title since 2012.

In February, Zidan said that if he thinks he has nothing to do, then he will step aside. Nevertheless, the decision to step down after Liverpool's 3-1 win over Europe lasted a few days on Saturday was a big surprise.
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