Croatia vs Nigeria : Steemit Goal Prediction Game (Predict the score and resteem)

in #soccer3 years ago

Predict the goals that will be scored by each team

Predict the goal scorers

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of each team and tell us why you think the team you support will win

In the spirit of the game, let's hope that the winner/winners will get upvotes for their winning comments. So, let the game begin



croacia 2 nigeria 0

congrats you were right, I bet the same ;)

win croacia 2 nigeria 0

Easy Cro win.

Croasia 2
Negeria 1

Croasia win

Croatia 3
nigeria 1

Croatia win 3
nigeria 1

croacia win 3-2 nigeria

Croatia 1 Nigeria 1

Huuu,,, I like

Croatia - 2
Nigeria - 1
Croatia wins

Nigeria 2-Croatia 2

It was a good game.. :) For a Croatian..

Nigeria 1 - Crotia 2

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