Germany vs Mexico : Steemit Goal Prediction Game (Predict the score and resteem)

in #soccer3 years ago

Predict the goals that will be scored by each team

Predict the goal scorers

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of each team and tell us why you think the team you support will win

In the spirit of the game, let's hope that the winner/winners will get upvotes for their winning comments. So, let the game begin

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Germany 3 - 0 Mexico. Muller, Gomez and Werner or maybe Draxler or Kroos. Germany is a good team, they have excellent players. I could not say where they lose their strength. Mexico also has good players but, or I would say not at the level of the Germans, their game becomes desperate and they lose their goals, I think that is their biggest disadvantage. And finally, Germany is always a favorite to win

Germany 4 - México 0

German 2 - Mexico 1

Things like this are why Steemit is so cool. Awesome post. You got a follow and upvote from me. Feel free to follow me back!

Germany will win 3-1.

germany 4 mexico 1

Alemania 5 mexico 2

I will be a bit daring with my prediction, this is a World Cup and all the players give their all for their country, I think it will be a close match so I think it will be 1-0 in favor of Germany.

Germany 2 Mexico 0

2 to 0 wins Germany the current champion team is much better and as soon as the cup starts we will see how it starts

Germany 4-0 Mexico

Germany 2 - Mexico 0

There will be a real fight between two teams. The final result will be very close. But Germany must win in that match.


Ger 3-2 mex

alemania 2 mexico 1

Germany 2 vs mexico 0

Germany 2 mexico 1

German 3 - Mexico 1

Germany 2 - Mexico 1

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Germany will win, after a tough fight. Mexico will give us a good game, for sure. 1-0.

Deutschland 3:0 Mexiko

Germany 3 - 0

Germany 2-1 Mexico

Germany 3-1 Mexico

Germany will win 3 - 1, it's gonna be really hard for mexico to win to a time that has been in the past 15 years challenging and preparing their player to be a worldwide class team, the have been working with the same DT from the past 12 years do and Mexico has worked with to many people there is no work as a team but i have to admit that is very posible for Mexico to score at least one goal because Germany's defenses is not at his best

Germany 4 Vs Meksiko 1

Germany win

Germany 4-2 Mexico

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