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Childhood is a fun time, at this time we always think of things that can please yourself. All of us have experienced life at this time, we often play in groups with jokes and laughter without thinking of any responsibility.

But we know! .. At this time where the role of parents is needed to teach the norms and manners in life. Because all the knowledge gained during this time will be very influential for its development in his old age. At this time the child is still vulnerable affected with the environment so it is necessary supervision from every parent.

Therefore it is expected to every parent to be able to supervise and teach good behavior for their respective children, because at this time the role of parents is still expected to grow their children. So my post this time may be useful for all steemian friends




I agree with you, the most beautiful period is a childhood of memories and we will always remember. the environment and the parents are very influential on the development of children in the future, as a parent give your guidance or your children so that all will be beautiful if the time. Happy weekend 🙏

Nyan pasti na mu'en talo ye ye wate ubut..😃 sorry .. just kidding any Yes ..

Betoi that. Pu talo ye ye, Malangue lam lung pih na 😀😀👍

You have remembered my boyhood again. It was a golden time for me. Nobody can forget that time. Thanks for sharing.

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