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RE: teaching from home

I fear the economic pandemic more than the medical one. The statistics for the worst cases will drop as they are highly inflated right now based on the limited testing. Many who are known positive came forward due to being in the worst case situation so the numbers are skewed by that.

Not saying to be nonchalant about any of this. I hope for all to be safe. But for most, this will be no worse than the flu if they get it.

Glad you are in the unique position to continue earning, as many of us are already being impacted for our reliance on others to pay us.


I hope that the worst case scenario does not play out. The hospitals are bracing themselves. My sister in law says resources are maxed out. I’m hoping this will be a short disruption of daily life but it doesn’t seem promising. I have a few students that are taking a break in hopes that piano lessons at the studio resumes next month.

By God’s grace I have some cushion to deal with the financial challenges for a little while and family to catch me. The solitude and isolation is a bit surreal. As an introvert, I’m usually comfortable with my solitude but the anxiety and tension about the world is tangible. I’m grateful for the internet and social media. It’s my lifeline to the outside world.

Thanks for your hello. It’s nice to know my voice in the internet wilderness found an ear.

Take care and good health to you and your loved ones.