by any memes possible

The best memes cleverly fold a loaded joke into an image. For our survivalist humor, nothing says it louder in our together-as-one voice than laughing at a unifying joke.


You love the ones full of irony. Images that inspire us to question everything especially our community and world leaders. A meme is meant to look at a bigger picture. The powers that be like to keep us distracted among ourselves. It’s effective and very clever people are hired to think up something new to keep us enthralled.

Isn’t social engineering FUN?!?!

But a meme says shhhh. Think.

Think really hard.

Are you going to go into default and pick your favorite color? I wish there weren’t any teams of voters. Just VOTERS. Have everyone registered as independents. What freedom would we enjoy to be known simply as independent thinkers and not ticket holders to a specific ride? It would be saner for everyone.

Welcome to Planet USA haunted country ride! You’ve a blue ticket! Congratulations! Line up on aisle 2 and 4.

A red ticket! Congratulations! Line up on aisle 1 and 3. Enjoy the ride!

Now, now....Everyone mind the rules and secure your items in the cabinet below. Keep your hands and feet in front of you. This ride reaches high speeds. Chicken exit is available, if you choose. Good luck to you all. Winning color arrives at the finish line first. Remember we are all winners. Thank you for participating. We love you. Enjoy the ride and the rest of the park. We appreciate you!


After a while, some creative riders won’t get riled up over the dips and speed of a ride. You won’t see distorted faces at the photo flash point. Instead, some wisecrack is going to strike a pose and photo bomb the scream moment.


Some are pretty darn good at not getting affected by the ride. They’d rather own the experience on their terms.


But how many of us are not rising above the predicted expectations of the engineers? Wouldn’t it be more fun to meme or photobomb the ride?


Who knows of The Great Meme War of 2015? I heard another one began last month. Is this news to you? I feel like I’m late to the party.

Memes and emojis are weapons of choice in a socially prickly or censored world. People are getting very savvy in making and sharing memes. Where social and political commentary can easily be tracked by the ride designers with searchable words, a meme is not so easy to track or diffuse. The message is unleashed within an image. Unifying and kind images to share a joke builds bridges.

Others, burns bridges or puts you on an even more intense ride. Bonus round! Blue wave ticket and red wave splash zone!!

I’ve gotten to a point where I block people who’s meme game is not my style of communication. Why give them my attention? Who chases farts? Not me. But hey, if you like that extra snarky meme that functions like a stink bomb and that sparks joy for be you...

China’s “me too” movement is represented by images of bunnies and rice. Women were having a difficult time discussing sexual harassment freely. Typing 🐰🍚 works. It’s nice that humans can still outsmart machines.

“Unleash the memes!”

Here’s to the meme war of 2020. I hope you don’t get caught up in the current political and culture rides’ special FX.


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