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If you have not signed up for your ONO invite code, do so now and become an early adopter:

ONO is unique in that the early adopters will be helping to build ONO, adding their voices to the early construction and giving valuable feedback to grow the ecosystem. ONO believes that your data belongs to you, not to a central authority who sells it. ONO allows you to earn rewards directly from your original content. In ONO, the value is returned to those who created it.

ONO is a next generation social media platform that is built for users and doesn’t sell private data to 3rd parties.

In ONO, the users are the first priority, everything else comes second. ONO is a hybrid between centralized and decentralized systems. It has a unique Super Partner system which allows people to elect their chosen leaders, and these leaders protect the ecosystem from harmful things spreading.

A good example of how this Super Partner system works is as follows:

Scammer A posts a link to website that is designed to trick you and steal your money. A user accidentally falls victim to the scam, then alerts his friends. These friends then tell a Super Partner who then collapses (hides) the harmful content, thereby preventing it from spreading to other victims.

We know there will be grey areas, and some of the Super Partners are specialized in resolving disputes. The referendum system also allows people who feel that they have been wrongly dealt with, to open a case, which is then voted on by the community.

The main thing to know is that the ONO dApp is coming soon, and its designed for the next generation. You can be an early adopter.

Your data belongs to you, and we think you should decide what you want to do with it. We think that the centralized social media systems are broken, and an entirely new system is needed. Our last app had 10 million users, so we know what people want, and we have the experience in the social media field to deliver it.

Feel free to use, reuse, alter any of these #yourdata images, share them in social media and get the conversation started:

Join ONO:

Become one of the early adopters in ONO by reserving your invitation code today: This is a pre-registration to secure an invitation code, and the code will be emailed to you after July 2018.

Official website:

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