My Little Book: changing social landscape

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Have you wondered if this week we began seeing the type of change that will be written in history books?

My Little Book:

the changing social landscape

With the modern social landscape the way it is, I thought to start an open-ended project entitled My Little Book.

This is my second effort. You can find the first here .

The landscape of blogging and social media is changing.

The above is a quote from my first post. Here are some issues on my mind today:

  • protests in general
  • racism and inequality
  • abuse of power
  • pandemic
  • isolation
  • alterations in the flow (and demand) of money
  • ongoing decentralized crypto innovation
  • centralized blockchains

They form a telling story when considered together.

A bit tired so I'll be brief.

Peering into the Heart of Culture

The first few on the list, including protests, racism, inequality, and abuse, have been manifesting for some time. Many who are gaining attention in the mainstream media have been hard at work for years. The change they enact often goes unnoticed by all but those directly affected.

Without these troopers we would all be in a worse state over this past week.

Daily Life

The pandemic is by no means over. Isolation and the flow of money will be impacted even when many are claiming a return to normal. Human behavior will need to readjust. Corporate changes that have already been put into play will impact many. And the flow of money (described more in the next section) will be forever changed.

Also consider that many experts believe a second wave of the Coronavirus is inevitable. Maybe even this fall with the return of school and cold weather.

Asset-backed Money

The flow of money has already been altered forever by Bitcoin. Decentralized crypto innovation is ongoing. Advancements have been impressive enough for large corporation to begin using and providing blockchain-like services. Major governments are already exploring and even began testing to put their national currencies on a blockchain-ish system.

The future of money is today. It is one where assets take a primary role.

Let Me Know What You Think

  • Will we see significant changes in modern culture before the end of summer?
  • Has our existence changed with the extra time off that many enjoy?
  • Is asset-backed money in our future?

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

- Galatians 3:28 [NIV] via


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I'm sure changes are inevitable and really positive, especially in the work model and business of companies. New jobs were created and much more entertaining ways to do them. What worries me is that so many trades made sender, can lead to social isolation and the you less willingness to interact with people, a kind of hikikomorism (hikokomori in Japanese)

Indeed. That's why I make a big deal about getting out away from my computer and love talking about my nature treks through the mountains and the ocean.

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