Powering down

in #softforklast year (edited)

I do not support censorship, I was going to post part 2 of my 4 part series today but ive decided instead that I willl save them for after this softfork issue has been resolved, I now see the witnesses as an aggressor and I will not support this action.

I fully support any action tronfoundation takes in this matter, up to and including a dirrect hardfork to tron network and the elimination of all witnesses who voted for this censorship softfork.

I will power down my stake for the innevitable coming swap. This is ridiculous, tron comes to save steemit from the founder who clearly didnt give a damn about steem or steemit and obviously wanted out.

Tron gave steemit renewed utility, renewed visibility, and pushed out long anticipated updates only days after acquisition, and instead of receiving good faith in exchange for their good faith they received in my opinion a uneducated and hypocritical coupe.

Softfork 222 is a direct attack on Trons involvement and stake. A slap in the face to the entire tron community who have embraced this partnership and embraced the steem community, and a slap in the face to steemians themselves who built this network on the beliefs of censorship resistance and equality.

A big mistake has been made and I for one no longer accept the current witnesses to be in the best interest of the cryptocurrency community. Yall can downvote me, yall can say im wrong but at the end of the day Tron owns Steemit inc, making steemit the property of Tron. This situation is not okay and I believe that its in the best interests of Tronfoundation and the cryptocurrency community as a whole to hardfork the current chain away from the centralized witnesses we currently are plagued by and start steemit over as a tron based platform utilizing the same IP and api's as the old chain but having the new steem blockchain upgraded and adapted to run all as a tvm sidechain.


You can believe what you want but there's one point that I have to correct you on: @roadscape and his team pushed out the "long anticipated updates" aka communities. He worked his ass off for them and no member of the Tron team or any other team with the exception of core developers, open source developers and witnesses contributed. The regular users of the Steem ecosystem did more for the "long anticipated updates"when they provided feedback and tested functions. As I said, believe what you want, but the truth is absolute and that truth is that the people who actually did the work deserve 100% of the credit.

Not saying they don't man. Think of it this way. All the awesome dudes working for steemit inc got rid of a big weight on their back in Ned, and gained an incredible amount of Job security throught Justin. So think what you want.

I don't know about job security, but they did get rid of some dead weight absolutely.