An Instrumental Combining Reggaeton, Dancehall And Hiphop/Trap (Produced By Maxwell Bruno)

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Hello fellow musicians and creatives!

Can see a huge development on the Steem blockchain.
The arrival of Smart Media Tokens spells a really bright future for musicians and creatives on steem.
Never been so much inspired to create more and more music like I am right now.
The inspiration to create and make music has always been there but then having more mediums and platforms to share the music on makes it more and more interesting.
I had taken a break for a couple of months from creating instrumentals and decided to focus on writing my new album.
For some reason, I won't give much info about the album just yet.
I will hit the studio soon to record it and will definitely keep you posted.
There are also plans to do a music video for my first ever single 'Follow The Music' in the next few weeks.
Must admit I am pretty much stocked.

Meanwhile, listen to the track above posted on Youtube originally created by me.
It's an Instrumental that fuses reggaeton, dancehall and some heavy aspects of both hip-hop and trap music.


Thank you very much buddy !

Wow, this is great. Welcome to #tunes too!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Bless up !BEER

Heck ya add the JAHM tag too!

Will definitely be adding JAHM tag to all of my musical posts. I appreciate the bear tip :)

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