''Mi Vida'' - Reggaeton Type Beat 2019 (Prod By Maxwell Bruno)

in #sonicgroove2 years ago (edited)

Can recall the first time I ever listened to Reggaeton was back in the early 2000s when I was in my 1st grade and still very young. I didn't know much about music so I didn't even know there was a genre called reggaeton.
Like any other normal music fan, I would jam to tracks that felt were nice and would even try to sing along to some regardless of whether I understood the language used or didn't.
I remember Daddy Yankee was the reggaeton artist ruling the scene at that time and reggaeton was a huge dope vibe.
Later on, throughout the years, I got into music and realized reggaeton is one of my favourite genres. Recently I have also seen a huge hype around reggaeton and most of the global international musicians are collaborating more with reggaeton artists and also incorporating Spanish and reggaeton vibes into their tracks.
The instrumental above is the first attempt at me making a reggaeton track completely from scratch. I was pretty impressed with how it all turned out.
Just make sure to turn up the volume of your speakers.
Expect more reggaeton vibes in most of my tracks.

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