Midnight Changes By Maxwell Bruno (Lo-Fi Music)

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Hello guys!

For those that had no idea what lo-fi music means, Lo-fi music stands for low fidelity music.
According to google it's a music or production quality in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible, sometimes as a deliberate aesthetic choice.

There is a time I really developed a high-interest for lo-fi music and decided to make one myself completely from scratch.
That is exactly how the above track was born.
My main intention when making the track above was to come up with something one can listen to at night when chilling out or sleeping hence the name midnight changes.
The main instrument that I mainly used was the piano. What you hear in the background is rainfall.
I hope you will enjoy listening to it.


Jazz, G-Funk & Reggeatone are my most favourite music genres.

I had to strain my neck like an ostrich 😂😂 to catch a glimpse 👀 of what my fellow 🇰🇪 Steemian is doing in Youtube and surely I loved your Type beat and i had to click on that 👍 button.

I would urge you to consider adding your beats on dtube too.

Meanwhile I had to subscribe and hit on that notification button on your YouTube channel.


Keep on Steeming To the Moon



I appreciate you checking me out Geee

Love it bud a cracking sound. Is there more to come? If you did an album of this kinda stuff i'd buy it! Preferably on vinyl 👍🏽💯🐒

thank you for giving it a listen

awesome man, cool lofi music.

I really appreciate man :)

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