Beyond The Grave

in #soulpoetrylast year

It swept me off my feet
The way you looked at me
We had only just met
And like a magnet
Your heart urged you forward
And you weren't afraid to show it
You set me on fire, the ice began to melt
And you made me feel something I'd never ever felt

I don't know what you saw in me
But it swept me off my feet
How you loved me right from the start
You made me want to open up my heart
No one had ever come close
But fate pulled us together
It felt so right so I chose
Not to walk alone forever

Writing this I have so much to say
Love is something words can never fully communicate
This is moving me to tears
I'm glad I finally faced my fear
Of giving into romance
Since that night you first held my hand
Your love pulled me in
Nothing was ever the same again

Our love is like a fire
You were the spark to my dry old heart
I hope I never tire
Of the way that you light up the dark
If I stay here with you will you do the same
And together we'll help each other through life's pains
And together we'll laugh through the sunny days
Forever until and beyond our graves

Photo by Caleb Ekeroth on Unsplash

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