in #soulpoetrylast year (edited)

My name is Blank
Everything you are
I take it away

I am Blank
Once alive and eager
Now only grey

When you're Blank
It threatens you with the dark
If you say you won't stay

Grey and Blank
Today and tomorrow
All happiness faded away

Run from Blank
Comfortably numb
We wither away

More than Blank
Take back your life
Open up to the shades

Between dark and light
The sun only shines
If there can be a night

No more Blank
Before grey fades to black
The night with no end
When Blank still remains
It's night without end
And the illusion of day
But no light shines within

stefano-pollio-ZC0EbdLC8G0-unsplash (1).jpg
Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

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