Dead End Town

in #soulpoetrylast year

Can I see through this too
And can I see things through
Every challenge overcome
Replaced by a bigger one
I try to be strong
But it's been so long
Hope is running thin
Feels like I can never win

We've been stuck
Not the best of luck
Is it worth all this struggling
Just to be here with me
I'm sorry
Even though I shouldn't be
I've tried to be tough
But it seems I'm just not enough

It's been rough
And I've had enough
I miss your smile
I haven't seen it for quite a while
I just want to bring it back
I can't even do that
It seems all we've found
A few ups, and mostly downs

Tired of running around
In circles in this town
Just trying to settle down
But there's no home to be found
All this stress you've been
In because of me
It was our only way to stay together
I wish I could have made it better

I don't know why you do it
Every chance I somehow blew it
I'm so new to this
Every shot I've missed
Trying to find us a way out
And it never worked out
Just remember this song
When you ask me what's wrong

Photo by Mike Erskine on Unsplash

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