Don't Listen

in #soulpoetrylast year

When you're feeling useless
And you think you don't deserve this
When all you feel is worthless
Promise me you'll remember this

We shouldn't always listen
To our feelings within
They'll tell you all kinds of things and
I know they just aren't true man

Sometimes you might think you're not worth it
And you just feel like shit
But you don't see what I see
You're blind to your own beauty

We all struggle with these demons
They like to poke at every weakness
So tell me you won't believe them
Because I know what the truth is

I'll keep telling you how pretty you are
I don't care if you don't like it
I'll tell you what you deserve to hear
Until you finally believe it
I'll keep telling you how much you mean to me
Even if you feel like dead weight
As long as we're together I'm happy
And no one else can make me feel this way

You can't control dark feelings
But you don't need to feed them
Because they only want to feed off of you
And it's not worth it because they aren't true

It's like a parasite, if you're an inhospitable environment
They'll have no choice but to disappear
I wanna fill you with all the love that I can
Because I know you deserve only the best my dear

Photo by Christof Görs on Unsplash

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