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Hi to all Steemians from @michalx2008x The Capo di Tutti Capi and one of @sp-group founding fathers.


Today I would like to tell you something about the history of @sp-group and at the same time to invite you to join our project.

The @sp-group has been founded by @andzi76 @michalx2008x @strefanetu on 25 May 2018. The vision and mission of the group initially appeared just in @michalx2008x head so it evolved and changed quite often. And today its the time for another revolution which we want to announce.

A little bit of history...
In the very beginning there was chaos, no, sorry it is supposed to be about the group so yep, let’s get back to the group and its history…

... so the group initially gathered in a private DISCORD chat, and the access was by invitation only. We, as group members selected potential candidates and voted on them before inviting them to our group and chat.

The fact is that there were good reasons for maintaining such restrictive policy - so called “Polish Steem scene” has been split into smaller fractions gathered around bigger fish, and there were constant quarrels sometimes falling very short from open war declaration. Looking back at those events it is obvious that such conflicts did not make any sense and had negligible significance nevertheless those conflicts inspired us to create our own, enclosed and conflict-free enclave, where we felt comfortable interacting with others who shared our values.

This of course provoked a backlash from those who felt that they are losing control over certain part of the Polish community. Actually it was quite hilarious to watch all those sorry attempts, but luckily trolls got eventually bored and gave up. The fact is that it has made us stronger.

Initially we were focused on our own members, then at some stage we decided to use our group account to support the rest of Polish community so we appointed @michalx2008x @strefanetu @julietlucy @suchy @pdj85coexist @pibyk @czaszi as curators who identify and support good content published on Steem with #polish tag.

Results of our activities were reported on a weekly basis in the form of public reports - the last one you can see here: REPORT. It’s in Polish as it was until now addressed to the Polish community.

We have also decided to organize competitions rewarded with STEEM. So far the most important one was STEEM Advent Calendar 2018.
Eventually we have decided to open our chat to the public and this initiative was very well received so in the next step we have abandoned any recruitment procedures and the only condition to join our group was small delegation towards the group account @sp-group:
6 SP for those with less than 100 SP and 20 SP for accounts with more than 100 SP.

Today we feel that it is high time to expand and open the group for the whole Steem community, so we want to invite you to participate in our project.

Since the very beginning support for quality content was our highest priority. The votes given were always based on post quality evaluation and this is not going to change and quality would remind as a key driver of our voting policy.

So now we would like to invite to our Discord Chat all those who share the same values and who care about quality content published on the Steem blockchain. The language you speak is not important, we are open to all and everybody is welcome, even that for a time being there are only Polish and English chats. In future we will support other languages and appoint more curators if needed.
Internal by-laws...

You can come to our chat with no strings attached but if you want to join the project of @sp-group and become an official member, you have to delegate to our group account small part of your Steem Power:

If you have less than 100 SP - delegate minimum 6 SP
If you have between 100 and 499 SP - delegate minimum 21 SP
If you have 500 SP or more - delegate minimum 33 SP

While higher delegations are welcome but not expected, we would expect from the member some community engagement and activity on our chat.

Delegation may be performed through for example through https://steemworld.org run by @steemchiller. But there are other tools like Vessel desktop wallet.

What benefits are linked to your membership?

Group members using our tag #sp-group will receive votes from group account - the value of the vote depends on post quality and that factor is evaluated by our curators.

Normally we don’t vote for more than one post by the same author daily.

We don’t support spam and/or plagiarism.

Keep in mind that we are not an investment club or trail driven by algorithms, all voting is done manually, so there is no magic formula for vote value calculation.

If you have any questions join our Discord chat - we will be happy to answer them.


Team sp-group:

@andzi76 | @czaszi | @julietlucy | @kapitanpolak | @michalx2008x | @pdj85coexist | @pibyk | @suchy |@strefanetu | @wadera

Disclaimer: this version may be very different and even biased because it has been translated by @pibyk so @michalx2008x is not liable for any errors, omissions or opinions expressed therein.


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So Delegation and #sp-group two requirement to full fill alongwith quality post

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