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RE: Introducing @pleasestop - Here to reduce comment spam

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Unfortunately, as Utopian as the developers attempted to engineer this platform; like all things man-made and man-related; there are flaws & loopholes within Steemit that allow for bots to literally farm donations from desperate authors looking for more exposure.

The sad truth is; a lot of REALLY good content gets overshadowed/overlooked or not read at all due to the fact that it's not being re-steemed by hundreds of bots and the author himself doesn't have enough clout/steem power to get the exposure his content deserves; nor is he willing to pay to promote it (and why should he/she?

if the content is truly good than the community should reward what posts they think are best not what posts they think people will think are best

SMH it's gotten to the point where people are re-steeming and upvoting content for curation rewards that they aren't even reviewing. It should be a requirement to READ the full blog post / comment or WATCH the full Dtube video attached to each individual blog post before any comments/upvotes can be made. Otherwise it's just insulting to the author who spent time, effort, and resources creating a great piece of content that people don't even have the audacity to SKIM THROUGH... the post at the very least.

Stop the abuse! Let the flag wars begin!

It would take you all of what? 50 seconds tops? Is that asking for too much considering that the individual author spent easily 10x the amount of time making valuable content that can help you better your life/lifestyle yet is taken for granted..

As opposed to the hours of time each author puts into creating his blog posts & content. Putting aside the shelved and overlooked quality content posts author's don't get their due for; but when I see someone comment "great post!" and have $50.00+ in upvotes I get frustrated because I know with absolute certainty that the person who is posting 1-3 word comments on a very thought provoking and quality post is clearly no better than a troll who is commenting on something he obviously didn't read.


The frustrations with these accounts are very real. I hope to make a real difference and reduce these sort of comments

I'm with you 110% Followed/upvoted & re-steemed!

Many thanks for the significant support!

Good content, thanks.

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