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RE: Introducing @pleasestop - Here to reduce comment spam

in #spam4 years ago (edited)

I saw your bot at work in someone's comment page....and as I was scrolling the feed found this!

Wow...that is dedication. I feel bad for those who are verbally challenged....sure does raise the bar in reading and commenting.

Thank you for your deep sense of integrity on this platform.

All the best. I sure hope I don't get flagged....I use a lot of Wow! Lol


Thank you for your deep sense of integrity on this platform.

I really appreciate this because I do keep my integrity top of mind in this work, thanks so much!

I love how everyone does their thing to keep this ecosystem happy and thriving.

So.....what a coincidence honestly, cuz I think I have a live one for you. Just saw it after I finished browsing through the feed and leaving comments, ironically after yours I think. LOL

I didn't click on the link as I wasn't sure if it might take me to some spam site. So do be careful. Rating is already really may already be on some radars.

I've already replied to this account and it is on my list. Even better, it is on the @abusereports blacklist, so it will be pushed below reputation zero fairly quickly if it doesn't stop.

I appreciate you bringing this to my attention!

Thank you for that update.

And, on a more human note, Have a good weekend. ;)

Agreed kchitrah, it will make short likes and upvote irrelevant now.. Woohoo!

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