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RE: Introducing @pleasestop - Here to reduce comment spam

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The one thing I've noticed now is that they have gone from saying great post, good post,etc., to stealing people's comments from previous threads days or weeks earlier....and/or taking those comments and mixing them up into mostly senseless paragraphs. It takes a lot more of my time to read three or four sentences of a paragraph to only realize I just wasted much more time compared to if I had just seen great post and moved past it.

Look at anupomdas and nirobdas comments on this thread...has to be the same person

look at hashcash comment here....I've seen that comment many times before....who could forget doesn't make any sense.

Take a look at this comment made by funbobby51 who I follow and I know he made this comment:

Now look at how this guy stole that comment and reused it days later:

You try to stop one thing and open a whole new can of worms.


Wow, in your first link @nirobdas says, "in such a way that they are each subjected to reciprocal controls" but if you look at the other comments the comments are normally like this:

dear,,sir i love your all post,,, very well writter...
all the best.

You bring up some excellent points that some of this stuff isn't nearly as obvious unless you're looking more carefully. I'm going to keep this in mind and see if there might be some ways to identify some of this stuff.

Here's another one for you to check out....look at the Magic8ball comment. First time I've seen that.

This one looks suspicious....there was no video in the article. Rubeldas...

plus there's more on there you might want to have a glance at.


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