Earn an Upvote for Spotting Spam/Bid-bot Abuse!

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What was the spammiest post you've seen recently that abused the reward pool? Post it below to earn an upvote!

Spam or bid-bot abuse only, no passion flags will be rewarded with an upvote!


Nice one Dan.

Anything by @taifkhan will do nicely, no engagement (apart from downvoters stating reasons) and some posts in the $80 - $90 range.

Can we stop abusing this service? I was flagged for no reason on this post when i spent money airdropping an eos steem engine token to 16 thousand steemians

please dont let people flag posts thata re actualy bringing projects to steem

The @crystalliu account and its related network always need some attention. It’s tricky as some of the posts are done in a way that they don’t show in the normal Steem feed. You really have to follow the wallet memos to find which posts were bid botted, like this one:

Nice, consider @crystalliu on my rekt list!

He's been on SFR's forever. In fact the last few months have been just him and his alts. Good to hear your helping get rid of this idiot.

This. So much this.

That guy also exploits the glitch with undefined tags so most of the bid bot posts cannot be seen unless you are trying to look for them.

Yeah, and I assume the “shell game” of bouncing his liquid Steem between accounts is just to clutter the wallet and make it harder to find info. I can’t think of any other reason for it!

Downvoted that post with 100%. The funny part is that they posted it on dtube and used bidbots without taking benefactors rewards into account!

This feller right got caught for copy/paste and bid bot abuse. Basically, just grabbing a ingame screenshot and using the same text. Rinse and repeat. I think we could afford to shave a bit more off those rewards. What do you think?


Here's a not-so-friendly type Dan,


There's a history that comes attached to that.

Good morning @theycallmedan! If possible, I would like you to review this account that I am going to leave here. Click here. I have carefully reviewed and he has been abusing the platform by giving himself votes, plagiarizing, copying and pasting, and abusing bidbots from other accounts to which Steem transfers them. Which makes me suspect that all those accounts belong to the same person.

I don't dare mention it in this comment for fear of retaliation, since besides abusing the platform it also retaliates when other users make a complaint or tell it that they don't agree with its way of proceeding. And it has enough voting power to affect its reputation (has 37,912.489 Steem Power) and make other people's publications invisible, as I have already seen it do.

Anyway, if I'm making a mistake, please let me know with a comment. I will be very grateful to you as soon as I receive your reply. Thank you very much!


Nothing wrong with self voting but this account has been abusing people for a long time. I flag him on the regular. Hence my hidden status.

You got a 0.62% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @chanta!

haejin takes about 16K in steem out the door weekly with his 6-10 meaningless stock posts per day. No text - just one chart with a 10 year projection. He self votes and then his buddy comes in big a couple days before payout.

These links..SUCK!

They 404 for anyone who isn't using/doesn't want to use Partiko.. We gotta swap the ref name and add the @ sign and, my word..

I will, but only because your title peaks my interest :p

Hey @theycallmedan, what do you think about it? Link

Can I get any credit for just bringing this list to your attention?

*Disclaimer - I use bid-bots and pay for upvotes, generally my posts will have at least one bot I paid for - sometimes right at publish time and sometimes around the 4th day active.. I don't feel like I am abusing them, even when I use all 4 of my usual bots on a post 🤫 Maybe I just set myself up as a DV target but honestly if people are going to flag me just for using a bot, without judging my content..THOSE are the kinds of people who should be getting DVs..

Hmm.. if paying for a vote, which influences the rewards, is taboo - then is leasing SP (paying for delegation) in order to have bigger vote weight, which influences rewards, also taboo? If so then I guess I am doing STEEM all wrong, but that's how I choose to STEEM-On!


This might not be as bad as the others, but I think it's insidious.

@insights is probably a bot working in collusion with the @steemyoda bitbot to milk the rewards pool.

I don't think a bot that posts duckduckgo image result and a random quote for goodreads.com shoukd get $4+ everytime it posts.

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Tough call... collides a bit with my mind set of positively enforcing and ignoring the "ugly/bad". But I understand that this needs to be cleaned up. I have nothing spammy to report from my feed besides my own usage of bit bots in the past which I experimented with a few months ago. Without any significant monetary success I must admit also... 🤣

A downvote can mean you disagree with the amount of reward somoen earned based on their work done.

Do you think a sloppily written 100 text post should net $70 in rewards? No? Then a downvote is justified.

Nothing personal.

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Yep, gotcha! Still I’m hesitant a little with this. Let’s see how this plays out in the next few weeks. I hope the fun and joy of being on this platform will not be touched by downvote “wars”. I hear a lot of frustration especially from new people that are trying to to tip their toes into STEEM. HF21 however was the right move imho.

Downvote wars is a certainty. I don't put much hope that all the "you know who" on the Steem Blockchain will not stop shitposting for free money and then not get pissed when they got stopped.

People who say

"this is my steem power, it's up to me to do whatever I want"

Will always be the same who will say

"steem is going shit because the price keeps falling everyone here sucks and because you don't do anything"

Of course, they will not leave.. Not until they can suck every penny out of their SP and ROI and then move on to other fresh meats

Thanks for your reply! I guess you guys are right. It’s time to do something about this. Let’s see how things play out. Cheers!

It always sucks having to get hands dirty, but this is the ugly side of Steem that is actually very important. We can't keep sweeping abuse under the rug, time to fight back! Appreciate reporting anything abuse you do see.

Will do!

I don't see it as getting dirty. It's a legitimate response to abusive behaviour. Keep up the good work Dan.

Pls @theycallmedan read this


It's not for your upvote (I can't find the option "decline rewards" on comment section), but for the sake of reporting all abuses of the rewards pool. The case I've been talking about in the linked post is very serious because the author involved is a curator for two important steem community.

After HF21 Downvote Train 🚉 left from the Steem Platform to catch the abusers. 😁

Keep up brother @theycallmedan.

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Look into this. I always find this user on trending through bid-bot and again today as well


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Nice, but how would you protect us from possible revenge with horde of flags?

I'm so glad you said the term passion votes. This is a huge concern for me. I think that human nature combined with money always leads to disaster. There will be a lot of passion flagging and that is not acceptable if we plan to grow the blockchain. Im ok with the flagging the abuse.

This post, brother-


It read above $110 and I could reduce it by $0.04 with my 100% downvote.

Thats gonna be fun...

Here you go Dan.


Apart from the fact this is botted to oblivion, it was also a dick move as his commenter pointed out:

well the trending page is almost full of that

Not today? if you see something post it here! lots of trending spam has already been nuked!

Wow, it has indeed. The trending page just looks so different. Those free downvotes work much better than I thought. Good job!

Well just checked after your comment and must say pretty impressive seems like HF 21 is giving some new hope to all those steemians who stood with it through all the up's and down's finally a sigh of relief :D no more reward pool exploitation : )

Not sure if bidbots, paid votes, or just a simple raping the pool?

Just another top witness doing what they do......

well before anyone decides to go bananas on me just know that I am an active user, all my content is my original work and all my sources are properly linked.

I curate mostly smaller accounts daily and constantly search for small accounts to support. You can look on steemreports and see that I vote for many accounts and have a self-vote percent of around 20%. I'm trying to help here.

I hold regular giveaways with zero barriers to entry and interact with anyone who comments on my posts. I am not a witness at all and I do not know the people with the big accounts that do vote for me. Oh, and I have never used a bidbot.

Just wanted to plead my case- probably got too wordy there....

I would like to not be hidden.

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